when you think about it, the polynesians, alongside the brothers of melanesia and micronesia, travelled the entire pacific, and at one point in time inhabited every island the ocean gave birth to. our people were the masters of the seas, travelling vast distances in short periods of time. no other civilisation could do what our forefathers accomplished. it was the skill of canoe-making, patience, and the knowledge of the stars and ocean currents that granted our ancestors to navigate these oceans. we are the children of the moana.

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Squeegee Bandit (2006) directed by Sándour Lau is a documentary that follows Māori window washer  Kevin ‘Starfish’ Whana over nine months of his life living in South Auckland. Kevin lives in the reality of a colonised nation, dealing with  homelessness, drugs, run ins with the cops and demons from his past. 

Winner of the Best Long Documentary at the Wairoa Māori Film Festival (2006) the film provides insight into Kevin’s struggles as tangata whenua living in modern, cosmopolitan Aotearoa. Through window washing Kevin makes enough money to survive. The documentary features much of Kevin’s personal life as he tells stories about his abusive past, his relationships and dealing with the harsh reality of being an estranged father and a Māori living in Tamaki Makaurau. 

Kevin’s stories are a valuable recollection of the struggles of tangata whenua today, he says “Unemployed, got the fuckin land ripped off…can’t speak fuckin properly, uneducated, right from the word Pākehā, it was fucked up… what are we just on the benefit, just hanging around a building on our own fuckin land? I’m a Māori, tangata whenua, I don’t even own my own fuckin house, I’ve never owned my own house with my own kids, where the fuck have I gone wrong? What the fuck’s happened? I’m not the only fucking one”. 

"We know more Pākehā side than we do our  fuckin own culture…if you ask me to rattle on what I want to feel, I can rap it out in English… you try to ask me in my language, I can’t, I’m a copy-cat Māori, I learnt it in school, learnt that but I didn’t learn how to have a conversation like this. They stripped away our language”. 

You can buy the DVD here, it’s definitely worth the watch.  

Prehistoric Mount remains confirmed


Prehistoric human remains uncovered in a grave at Pilot Bay during the construction of the boardwalk have now been identified as two Maori adults and a child.

Archaeologists this week confirmed to SunLive the identification of three skeletons discovered alongside Moa bones, fish hooks and stone tools, on the foreshore of The Mall in July this year.

Bay of Plenty Archaeology heritage consultant Ken Phillips says the human remains were examined by Auckland University physical anthropologists and have since been re-buried by tangata whenua.  

He says thousands of artefacts were uncovered during the construction of the boardwalk in Mount Maunganui. Each will be analysed in the coming months. Read more.

Watch on toku-reo.tumblr.com


Here’s the revised graphic score which will become the framework of the revised composition that we used to perform for the shared studio visit. However given that we’ve now to double the length of our performance, this will most likely be scrapped or be cut up to include into a revised score with a revised backing track.

Notes I took down from our group discussions from Wednesday and Friday (13th and 15th August respectively):

- Backing track stretched to 12 minutes
- Big portion of silence to allow for back and forth
- Heartbeat sound has been made into an 8 minute loop and mixed into the backing track
- New recordings mixed into the track (footsteps in the stairwell etc.) 

First segment, loud part, symbolises arrival of manuhiri > volume on backing track goes down > Exchange of conversation between individuals from respective pairings (one from manuhiri and the other from tangata whenua) > Silence > Last loud part, finish off conversation with compromise

- Still need a way to incorporate audience
- Eyes of audience members closed or open?
- Reinforce the idea that it is a conversation
- Open circle seating arrangement to allow for the metaphorical translation of the manuhiri entering the space of the tangata whenua 

anonymous said:

A - Y ... Z is boring (:

‎A - Available?
B - Birthday?
November 7th
C - Crushing on?
haha no names
D - Drink you last had?
E - Easiest person to talk to?
answered - Maiah or Nicky?
F - Favourite song?
for mayor of splitsville by La Dispute
G - Grade i hated?
H - Hometown?
I - Icecream flavour?
J - Jellybean flavour?
answered - the black one?
K - Killed someone?
oh yeah totally - naaaa
L- Longest friendship?
Cameron or Tu Tangata since I was like 4
M - Milkshake flavour?
N - Number of siblings?
1 lil shit of a brother
O - One wish?
go to warped tour
P - Person who called me last? 
Q - Question you’re always asked?
"why on you get your hair cut" answer - because I don’t fucking want to yet
R - Reason to smile?
idkkkk the last reason I smiled was because of a funny message on fb
S - Song i last sung?
The Lines by Beartooth
T - Time you woke up?
U - Umbrella colour?
never owned an umbrella
V - Very best friend?
don’t have one?? Nicky probably or Maiah
W - Which celebrity i’d marry?
i wouldn’t marry a celebrity but if i had to, probably Hayley williams
X - X rays i had?
arms and legs; the usual
Y - Your last time you cried?
Last night… fuck I cry a lot.