Reason #803258582405 Mac and Bridget are the most fantastic things and need more playtime: This.

I found some old sketches of these two from like July when Tana and I were rping almost nonstop and sending each other sketches, and one of them was Bridget wearing Mac’s clothes. So I was possessed to make this *w* no amount of crack in any universe could ever make Mac wear Bridget’s bra, though.

I don’t think anyone can fathom how much I adore these two. Look at that chest hair! UMF. Mac is the only character I know (who has it) who can make chest hair work.

I was tagged <3

I was tagged by persy999 and cluesoe ily :3

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1- I’m 1,75m and i’m weak as fk

2- I like videogames a lot but i suck at it

3- I’m a lonely person, and since i moved to a new school this year i look like someone with anxiety because i’m very afraid of ppl

4- I’m in my adollescence and i like boys&girls but i can’t tell to my family or they will hate me forever

5- I really love when you ppl tag me into things and send me asks bc it makes me fell less alone(?) idk

6- I’m actually writting a Leobin drama/smut fic and i can only think abt it but i have no confidence to upload it somewhere.

And i’ll tag: thehongbun, leehongbins, rubmesomevixx, dad wontaektv, vixx-timemachine, narasae, seerofserket, kai-tana and that’s enough you don’t need to do if you don’t want

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"Get out, get out, get out, get out!" "We shouldn't have done this..." "Don't answer it!"

"Get out, get out, get out, get out!"

Brody swallowed thickly and shook his head. “No..No I can explain. Let me explain this, Tana.”, Brody begged and looked at her. He was angry at himself for lying to her, but he did it to keep her safe. “I…I will go.”, he mumbled and slowly got upstairs. He knew that Santana as too stubborn right now to talk.

"We shouldn’t have done this…"

"Well it’s too late for that, Santana.", he explained and sat slowly up on the edge of the bed. He took a deep breath, turned his head and glanced at her. "We already did it..I don’t think it was a mistake."

"Don’t answer it!"

Brody wanted to open his mouth, but quickly shut it again as Santana told him that he shouldn’t answer it. He swallowed, licked over his lips and just nodded. He turned around and left.