Year in Diptychs: 

Reflecting back on this year I can’t help but feel extremely grateful for the opportunities I’ve had and all the incredible people I’ve met along the way. I started the year in Kentucky, with visits to Tampa and D.C., spent my summer in Virginia and for the past five months I’ve been in Denmark. 

I’m so stoked to see what 2015 holds and along with my professional work I’m making it a personal goal to document my own life. I think as photographers we often forget how important our own stories are.

 These diptychs represent slices from my day to day life over the past year. 


273 Instances of a Man at Busch Gardens

Part of the ongoing series Temporal Portraits of People on StreetView, these images are extracted from 273 screen shots of the same man on StreetView at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida. Possibly a park or Google employee, the man walks, stands, squints, briefly puts on his headphones, looks at his phone, buys some water, and occasionally sits. All the while, he’s caught in and distorted by the unique perspective of the StreetView camera, which doubles and halves him, stretches and condenses him, blurs his face into absolute blankness or renders it in impressive detail with a “© 2009 Google” on top. The varying blurriness of his outline (which I’ve endeavored to preserve) and these digital distortions, as well as the idea itself of a man having walked around and around Busch Gardens not exactly for pleasure, reveals a human parsed by a machine which itself still depends on a human for operation, orientation, and (likely in this case) chaperoning.

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