DJ Tamisha - Autumn Session 2011 “Coming Into The House”

Track List:
1 - Croatia Squad - Humbled Rain (Original Mix)
2 - Wawa Feat. Fabal - Sombrita (David Herrero Ole Remix)
3 - 01-belocca, sonic - By The Way You Dance (Original mix)
4 - Josh Feedblack ft. Claudio Barracu - One More Time (Original Mix)
5 - Angel Anx - Bubble Gum (Original Mix)
6 - Jesse Garcia - Work It Out (Angel Anx Tested Remix)
7 - MYNC – Something On Your Mind (Lissat & Voltaxx Remix)
8 - Yves Murasca, Ezzy Safaris, Warren Clarke - Everybody (Yves Murasca & Ezzy Safaris Eivissa Remix)
9 - Les Schmitz, Oliver Schmitz - Make Some Noize (Alex Del Amo Remix)
10 - Mauro Mondello & Dave Kurtis - Killer (Pink Fluid Remix)
11 - Jonathan Ulysses, Oliver Lang & Steve Haines - It’s Time (DJ Monxa, DJ Tamisha Remix)
12 - 01 David Vendetta & London Beat - Thinking About You 2011
13 - Cristian Marchi & Gianluca Motta - Love Comes Rising (Cristian Marchi & Paolo Sandrini Original Mix)

DJ Tamisha:
Movil: +39 3278583176
Skype: Djtamisha

I’m at a loss for words right now …. I can’t believe I’m hearing this news I’m in shock and just omggg RIP Tamisha !! I didn’t know you personally but I am a member of your FB group as well as a subscriber to your youtube channel. This lady gave me the confidence to start sewing again, start my own clothing line, and to keep pushing! Her helpful sewing tutorials were everythinggggg and she brought a lot of sewers from all over the world together and gave us the confidence to come together, network, and help each other! She passed away at the age of 31 and looks absolutely amazing!! I seriously can’t believe this RIP beautiful 💕👼💕 #Meshalo #Sewing #Tamisha #TamishaRidge @meeshabooh

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Tamisha Nicholls – What Yuh Drinkin “2014 Soca Music”

Song Title: What Yuh Drinkin (D Most Strong Rum) Produced By: Alton ‘ABX’ Bertie Written By: Amare Lewis and Tamisha Nicholls-Lewis…

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dashiabates said:

I wasn't even thinking about Derrick's money or his business he left behind, but no that you mentioned it, imma go get a DNA test in the morning when I get finished cooking you breakfast and eating, and you gonna come with me. Tamisha imma stop by yo job in the morning cause we gotta take a DNA test

Rico: None of dat happenin’ doe. You’on really need to know if dey yo parents, just pretend fo’ right now. If you turn out to be my sister I’m shootin’ Tamisha in the face fo’ lyin’. Derrick better be glad he already six feet. *chuckles*

anonymous said:

Ms. Tamisha you might want to check on yo son and ask him do he need a ride home cause i heard some girls just messed up his car

Tamisha: What are you talking about, sweetheart? Rico’s hurt?

dashiabates said:

I thought about something earlier... ok you know how back in i think Ch. 3 Tamisha was telling Rico his dad had been trying to reach out to him for the past few years, so I'm thinking he was probably trying to reach out to M.I too but of cousre M.I mom wasn't gonna tell him cause she had already told him his was dead......... idk i was just trying to put things together. I meant to mention this to you earlier but i forgot

He was. People don’t like M.I.’s mom BC she kept him away from his father but it was for good reason. It will be explained.

dashiabates said:

lol I told you that a while back, we probably is and I'm for real. We always arguing like we siblings and shit i need to go take a DNA test lmao

Rico: Derrick yo pops and Tamisha yo moms homie & *chuckles*. I already gotta share dis business shit wid Jeremiah emotional ass, when my moms doe you not gettin’ nun. Just know dat.

dashiabates said:

ok i'll be over there and I seen Tamisha at the store today, she asked me why I aint been over there lately but I aint tell her

Rico: Good lookin’. I woulda got cussed out like shit wuz all my fault.

anonymous said:

Tamisha your son and his girlfriend are always making love all over your house. The kitchen, living room, shower and bedroom lol and now they have a -nevermind lol

Tamisha: *sighs* I’m going to whoop one of these days, I promise. What were you saying though darling? I didn’t catch the end.