Tama, or Tamaya, is named after a famous guild of pyrotechnicians. During the Edo period, they competed with the Kagiya guild to produce the greatest fireworks for the annual summer fireworks festival, held over the Sumida River in modern Tokyo. The festival was originally started in the 1700s to soothe the spirits of the dead who had been lost to recent plague and famine. 

The Tamaya guild came to be held in the highest regard, until a fire broke out, and they fell out of favor. But onlookers would still shout the names of their favorite guilds, and this practice continues to this day.

The tradition of guild rivalry in the festival also continues. Fireworks are sometimes even engineered to create patterns such as kanji or even characters such as Pikachu. We see Tama do this as well with the likenesses of Ammy, Issun, Mushi’s mama, and various other characters animals.

EDIT: I just realized that the cloth hanging from his belt actually reads “Tamaya”, with the same characters used by the guild in real life.

EDIT 2: His tattoo () can be read as “iki”, meaning “chic” or “stylish”, or as “sui”, meaning “the best.” Someone thinks highly of himself…

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"AHOY THERE!!!" ロサンゼルス情報誌Weekly LALALA feature

Hello everyone!

Just a quick blog post from the shoot and feature I had with JPY’s Weekly LALALA(The Japanese entertainment paper). 

May 18, 2012 Vol.437/ Available at Marukai, Mitsuwa and Nijiya
(Click scan to enlarge)

Photo by TJ

Polkadot dress: Minkyshop.com

Rose cocktail ring: YRYS

Red loafer wedge: Hong Kong (I don’t know why it looks short but, its actually 4 inches high. Love it!)

Huge Nautical Shopping tote: Betsey Johnson

Rilakkuma silicone phone case: Tamaya

Rilakkuma mirror: Tamaya

Took a bunch of different outfit-of-the-day shots but I don’t know if should post them here… Should I post them in my blog?

Haul(Delayed): Tamaya, Ebay and Daiso ~gifs pics


How’s everyone in here? Logging in to my Tumblr felt so weird, because I hardly spend that much time in here anymore. Anyway I still don’t have a tripod but, luckily Ane let me borrow and try out hers. If you have any Tripod brand suggestions and deals you wanna share please leave a comment on my Disqus section.

 Anyway last week my family and I had time to check out Tamaya and Daiso in Torrance! So I was really excited and here are some random cute stuff that I bought!

Tamaya: A huge Rilakkuma Picnic mat and handheld mirror!

I recently upgraded to a white iphone 4s and getting tired of my Kumatan case. I went ahead and bought a Rilakkuma hard case!

Been looking for this case all over the internet, I could buy the cheap ones on Ebay but I heard the prints melt when your iphone gets a little hot… Hahaha! And my  new baby definitely deserves a sexy and sturdy case!

On to my Daiso haul, I spent so much time wandering around Daiso with Soleil… That store crazy! Crazy in a good and cheap way… Hahaha!!! They have so many cute stuff and literally drove me and my daughter bonkers!

I bought a bunch of random trinkets and junk these are probably my favorite ones. Strawberry lunch box/bento items! (If I go back I will purchase the pink set too)

I made some gifs~~~ Hahaha!!! 

So this means more bento posts soon YAAAAAYY!

Bought these gorgeous lashes! They were only $1.50 each! HELLO!!! How cool is that!!! I read so many positive reviews on these pairs, can’t wait to try them and will definitely post a review on these here.

I hope you guys enjoy this quick haul! 

I wanna pick some random cute stuff at Daiso again! Who wants a giveaway soon? 

Anz Falcon

Rufino Tamayo, Heavenly Bodies, 1946

From the Guggenheim:

Rufino Tamayo filtered his pre-Columbian heritage through the pictorial tradition of European Modernism in images of man’s confrontation with the forces of nature and the universe. In several paintings of 1946–47 he showed primitive figures gesticulating in terror, awe, or longing at the patterns of astral and planetary orbits.

The lines traversing the sky in Heavenly Bodies may represent light emanating from stars or the tails of meteors, and may also indicate the mental constructs that join stars in constellations. These lines dissect the rich blue sky into flat planes and simultaneously provide the illusion of movement through a vast space. The purity of the sky’s geometry is contrasted with the unevenly curving contours of the human figure, associated formally with the earth. A setting sun is evoked by the red strip on the hill and is reflected on the man’s face. While bearing some relation to Mexican folk art, the treatment of the figure derives more directly from the work of Pablo Picasso. The combination of frontal and profile view, the gaping mouth and conical eye, the shorthand outlining of the face and outstretched, childlike hand have analogies in works such as Picasso’s Guernica of 1937 (Collection Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid), which Tamayo had occasion to see in New York.

Es dificil pensar en aquél tiempo en que solíamos ser una pareja de amigos que un dia llegó a sentir algo más que un simple cariño. Todo ese sentimiento era para mi tan imposible y extraño,siendo que nunca imagine que llegaria a quererte de una manera intensa. Aqui entre nos sigo sintiendo lo mismo que hace tres años,sin embargo tengo muy claro que hoy tienes a tu lado a otra persona que te hace tan feliz,y apesar de ello me alegra saber que te quieren. Mira nada más que rápido se va el tiempo pronto sera tu cumpleaños y no podré llamarte, por miedo no sera,sino para no causarte problemas con ella, ganas tengo de ir a tu casa para rodearte de besos y abrazos,pero mira ya ni sé ,si lo que pienso sea lo correcto.¡Soy tan ilusa verdad! Por favor recuerda acordarte de mi,asi como todo lo vivido.

Te quiero pese al tiempo,distancia,temores,tristezas,amores pasajeros,simple y sencillamente a mI misma.

—  Notas Dulces (Lovethepaper)