L.A. PRIDE Announces Kesha And Fifth Harmony As Headliners

  June 12-14 is Los Angeles’ 45th Annual L.A. PRIDE. This year’s three-day festival, produced by nonprofit Christopher Street West, will include headliners like the now dollar-sign-less Kesha, R&B singer Tamar Braxton (that’s Toni Braxton’s little sister), Mexican singer/songwriter Ana Barbara and super group Fifth Harmony.


Let’s Play Sister Mister

In a mission to find out everything there is to know about Tamera, the hosts put her little brother Tahj to the test in a fun game of Sister Mister.

anonymous asked:

mom, are you the returning queen on S7? and what about drag u mom? are you going on a episode called 'milf' and getting a make over by 3 tired drag slaves?

WOW I am officially sick and tired of every juicy detail of this season LEAKING! I mean, I guess I’ll give you props for this, because they literally just finished editing the super secret special episode 7 ½ where Tamar Braxton and I lip-sync to Michael Urie pissing out pennies on the mainstage, and of course, I lose and I get eliminated, Max comes back, but then I come back next episode but it’s not what anybody expects because it’s all horsey themed, etc etc. you know where this is going so I don’t need to ramble but I will because I’m in the mood. So listen: the thing about being a milf is not as simple or straight-forward as it seems, especially in this context. I mean, yes, duh, the eroticization of the nurturing mother figure is totally natural and spans centuries–but here’s where the whole Illuminati drag race secret code scavenger hunt thing gets tied in. MILF—I’m sure you think you know what that stands for and you probably do, and that’s all well and good, except it’s not the whole story because if you recall the beginning of episode 7 where I “jokingly” describe the premise of snatch game- Men In Latex Frog costumes… MILF, but here’s where it gets tricky. Obviously that’s not the whole story. But like Einstein said, the key to electricity is attached to the string on the kite that you’re flying right now or whatever I can’t remember, point is, you mentioned Drag U and 3 tired drag queens… these are the clues you need to unlock the secrets of the top 3 this season. Now I’ve probably already said too much, and yet pretty much nothing at all if you think about it, so we’ll leave it at that. Now, if you’ll excuse me, this sexy pile of wood chips my neighbor left on her porch is not going to hump itself. Good night!


Ming-Na Wen on Being the Voice of Mulan . She’s 51 and looks AMAZING


Kayliyah Weems Performs  “Kicking” with Her Dad  (kicking it with my daddy)

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