Went to #jorhor for my first overseas #cosplay event !
The queue for the coach services and traffic jam was so bad that we walked from the custom. It was a dangerous #walkathon ! Hot #weather, heavy bag, fast motor bikes, pavement that stopped out of nowhere that we had to walk on the road feeling thirsty and hungry. (Lucky that my cosplay makeup last)
After awhile that seemed forever, we took a cab and had the best #bakkutteh near #plazasentosa #tamansentosa . We waited 45 mins for the food but it’s all worth it. The photo on top is blur because I was shaking out of hunger . Thank you Aldo ! It’s the best bak kut teh ever. Everything taste so good! I had a lot of fun today ! Definitely going for more malaysia events ! I’ll upload the photos of today on my page !