Stephanie: God, you are one talll dude. What are you, like 6′10?

Bahari: 6′6, What about you? You look like you could be my niece’s age. 

Stephanie: *gasp* How old is your niece?

Bahari: Nine. *laughs*

Stephanie: Ohhh you got jokes huh? You think you’re funnyyyy, well for your info i am 5′1 in half!

Bahari: Oooooh half an inch, you really are tall huh?

Stephanie: *laughs* Omg, i don’t like youuu already!

Coordinates… That’s what Bull needed and what he had and what he was focused on. That’s it. There was aburning hot wad of anxiety rising in his throat. There was worry. 

Something had happened to Dirk and it wasn’t good. Bull could feel it. It wasn’t going to be..

He pushed the thoughts away and flashed to the given coordinates, not caring if any of these humans saw a seven foot talll, horned, cyborg alien prancing about. He look around, eyes adjusting to the light and odd atmosphere until he saw him. 


He dove in, the lump in his throat letting lose, a cry in his voice as Bull picked Dirk up from where he was in the dirt. It was bad. It was real bad. 

you’re ignorant bigots who sit at home and pretend to understand the world around you, when you don’t even know the definition of the word struggle. You promote hatred and violence towards men who you don’t understand. You think you can solve your problems with promotion, showing propaganda, tell everyone that its a “revolution”. The real revolutionaries are the silent ones. The ones taking up arms AGAINST the violence. There’s no real enemy in the world, no right or wrong. You pick a side and fight blindly. The real warriors. Real soldiers, are the men and women that stand in the middle that say “We are not violent.” “We do not agree with the violence” The ones who write. The ones who stand talll with picket signs and freshly painted poster boards. The ones who keep their arms by their side and their eyes on the target. Not the ones who fling fire. Not the ones who devastate innocent civilians lives to make a point. Not the ones who watch as people who aren’t involved lives burn down. 
And I’m sorry, but if you promote the hate and the violence with a reblog you’re no better than them.

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Hj eu senti mt ciumes do meu amor, e ele sabe disso, mas quer que eu fale c minhas próprias palavras, o problema é que: nós se gostamos e talll mas nunca assumi isso pra ele tipo de verdade, sabe? será que ele qr q eu fale isso p ele??

todo mundo gosta de se sentir especial p alguém, demonstra teu sentimento, esses detalhes assim q melhoram qlqr relacionamento

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Hello!! For the date thing I'm 17, female, like 5'7 maybe?, brown eyes w brown hair/purple ombre, I luv art and watching tv shows and going to concerts and also dogs! for the date we could do somethin cute like an amusement park or an aquarium or the movies hahaha

YO!! you sound really cute (and youre so talll !!!) and the date ideas are great (I love all three omygoshhh!!) I’d probably date you!!

Comment: aboul_khassim said “Hahahhahhh Sénégal narrr naaa nékhhh nakkk loll yallaaa naa niou koo fékké taa talll koo oci amen 🙏🏾👌🏽🙏🏾"