Archaeologists discover ancient administrative complex in northern Peru


Archaeologists working in the northern Peruvian region of Piura recently discovered an administrative complex that they believe was constructed by the Tallan culture.

El Comercio reports that investigations at the site began their excavation in two ditches near the town of Chaquira. Locals said that beads and small artifacts were sometimes found in and around the ditches.

Head archaeologist María Elena Nuñera Paredes told El Comercio that “This would have been a large warehouse with corn, cotton, and other products from the area. At another time, it served as a space where the Tallan lived.” Read more.

viliofdurinsfolk said:

[ ♦ aaand ♒, for Ellanorin obv.~ ]

♦ - quirks/hobbies headcanon


Beside sword fighting and sewing one of the things Ellanorin loves best  is reading. Even if she’s no scholar, she will spend entire hours in a new library trying to find interesting materials to read. The topics in which she is most interested in are history and geography as it helps her much when she is out on new terrain. The topics that leave her cold are census and the structure of buildings.

♒ - cooking/food headcanon


There was one time back in the days of her childhood in Lindorinand when not wanting to admit that maybe cooking was not her calling, in an attempt to prepare something for her family, she set on fire the tallan. It took quite some time to put out the fire and make sure it did not spread as the only source of water, the Celebrant was outside the city. Since that day on, Ellanorin renounced altogether at her desire for cooking.


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