I need help finding this cat. I was watching her and she ran away. This was at 1am on May 2nd. She’s young but not a kitten (not sure of age), fat, and a brown tabby with a redish spot. She is not microchipped and does not have a collar. She was lost at Chapel Terrace apartments, so anywhere on Chapel Hill/by the stadium/Jackson Bluff is where she might be. She’s very sweet but really timid, so if you see her be patient and let her come to you. Please keep an eye out if you live here, and if you don’t please reblog and tag this. Bruna was a stray that just finished recovering and becoming social and now she’s lost in an unfamiliar city. She is so sweet and I would give anything to have her back. Contact numbers are 239-872-2017 and 850-405-3702. Thank you.



There is no deadline
There is no schedule
There is no plan we can fall back on
The road this far can’t be retraced
There is no punch line anybody can tack on
There are loose ends by the score
What did I come down here for?

from Tallahassee (2002)

We live in the midst of the digital music age where a musician or band no longer has to leave the comfort of a bedroom, let alone hometown, to have their music readily available for anyone who cares to look for it. However, even with the internet’s limitless reach, many of the world’s best unheard local talent never surpasses the audience of familiar faces from the local college basement circuit to small DIY venues scattered around town.

Our new series Extra Worlds calls for local kids, participating and listening intently to the music coming from their own backyards, to write a short piece on the importance of what is happening in the cities and towns that often lives in the shadow of musical metropolises like Brooklyn and LA. 

The first city of focus is the swampy Tallahassee, FL. 

How Our Story Began

How Our Story Began


Once Upon a Time

Words: 797
Genre: Romance/General
Characters: Neal Cassidy, Emma Swan

A short story based on what may have happened after the season 3 finale flashback of Neal & Emma. (Aka their “first date”) (Undecided if I want this to be a one-shot or have more chapters)


No Children- The Mountain Goats

“Some people feel self conscious about singing along but I don’t think you should. We’re kinda past that point of indie affectation. If you wanna dance and somebody hates on the way you dance, man fuck them! Somebody gives you a funny look for how you’re dancing and singing… whatever! 

I’ve got a baby son and he doesn’t worry about what people think about how he dances, he just sits there in the full joy of being in his body, a condition before anybody poisoned any shame upon him, and its badass! So I would like those of you who have suffered at some point in your romantic lives to indulge whatever feelings you happen to be carrying as we play ‘No Children’ from the Tallahassee album”