Repairs from this last round of Zionist aggression will cost Gaza roughly 400 to 500 times more than it will cost Israel. How is Gaza supposed to rebuild? It’s economy is already almost nonexistent because of the blockade israel has placed on them. This completely disproportionate military response to Hamas rocket fire will only strengthen Hamas’ ability to recruit. #zion #zionism #antizionist #israel #palestine #freepalestine #gaza #savegaza #hamas #wakeup #educateyourself #war #stopthewar #islam #judaism by ourworldeastofeden

Preserving Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hemicycle Spring House

Preserving Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hemicycle Spring House

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The Spring House, also known as the Clifton and George Lewis II House, is the only private house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright that was ever built in Florida. The design embodies the final and shortest stylistic phase in Wright’s career – the hemicycle style. The plan is characterized by concentric and intersecting circles, while the elevations are…

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