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Can you please explain to me or link me to what otherkin is? I'm really curious and confused and I don't want to offend anyone or anything

ahh don’t worry!! sorry it’s one of those Weird Spiritual Things but basically it’s a belief that your soul is mostly/entirely not human!! so like, someone who says they’re dolphinkin (like the last anon i got) feels really spiritually connected to dolphins, to the point of feeling like their soul is that of a dolphin

otherkin know our bodies/minds are those of humans though!! the really common theory is that, after being reincarnated, some beings ar ejust left with strong feelings/connections to their past life, so they still feel like they are that thing, spiritually

that’s not my personal theory though, and there are a lot of other opinions out there!! the one connecting belief is the “not human soul” part

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Okay so I'm new to this whole "otherkin" thing and like... this might be a dumb question, but, if someone is a fictive pertaining to a certain character and meet someone else who identifies in the same way, wouldn't that be a clear indicator of absurdity of it all? Like, I read a thing about someone who believed they were the reincarnation of a character, so if they met someone that also thought they were that character... like.... can a character reincarnate into multiple people.. no... ????

sorry anon, but you’re wrong!! obviously different personal beliefs can give different explanations as to why someone might id as a fictive, but!! even in the case of reincarnation there can be multiple fictives who id as the same character

cause like, if someone ids as a character and believe they were reincarnated then they probably believe in the multiverse theory right? so basically their belief would be that in another universe the character was an actual person, who then died, and their soul was reincarnated

but according to the multiverse theory there are infinite possible universes, so!!! there could be an infinite number of instances of that character existing! and therefore there could many beings who id as that character

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can you make a post about a deerkin struggling with body image ~ sorry if I trigger anyone but I just want really tiny spindly legs that look like deer legs but i'd have to starve to get them and i don't want to go down that road again no matter how tempting it is

!!!!!! i definitely will anon, but please don’t do that!!! not all deer have teensy legs, and some that do can still get pretty chubby!! wearing heels can create the illusion that your legs are longer and thinner than they actually are, so that may help, but in the meantime here have some cute pictures of chubby deer who want you to stay healthy

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Mermaid kin may love bath salts in their baths because it reminds them of the ocean Siren kin love to sing, maybe even some of the songs from the potc at worlds end soundtrack (it had mermaids) or something else siren-y Mermaids might like food with seaweed or like sushi if eating fish doesn't offend them Mermaid kin like to brush their hair And they both love to swim???? (Hope I helped)

oh my gosh oh my gosh wow that’s!!!! a lot yeah, wow thank you so much that’s so helpful ahh, thank you thank you!!! i can make the post now yeah ;//u//;

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Can you maybe make one of those otherkin positivity tags for stormkin?

i’m sorry, i stopped making that exact format of post, but i’d happily talk about stormkin some!!!

i don’t actually know any stormkin well, but!! i really adore storms, so i’d have so much fun talking to a stormkin about the exact kind of storm they are (thunderstorm? lightning storm? tropical storm?). and i could ask them if they think they’d produce ball lightning or something cool like that ahh /)///u///(\

plus we could go outside during storms, so long as it was safe!! more mild thunderstorms are so cool, we could run around in the rain together and catch raindrops in our mouths (so long as it’s not somewhere with acid rain, of course) cause that’s the most fun!! and it’d be super cool if we tried to get pictures of lightning and actually succeeded ^//u//^

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I know this is probably a question that is strictly opinion but how do you think a foxkin and a faekin would get along? In terms of friendship, love, and so on

ahh, well it’s not like all ofxkin and all faekin are the same, but n general i think so, yeah!! faekin and foxkin both like nature, and in my experience tend to be particularly fond of forests, so they’d already have that in common, and both foxkin and faekin can have cute and slightly dangerous sides!!! after all, foxes are hunters and faeries aren’t always sweet, but both foxkin and faekin can show really nice sides too, so there’s that ;//u//; i don’t know why but i can see faekin being friends with foxkin really easily!! and even dating and getting into a serious relationship, though i think it’d take them a while to build up to that you know?

that’s just my opinion though, obviously there are foxkin and faekin that are totally going to dislike each other and there will be some that immediately take to each other romntically/sexually, this is just the impression that i’ve gotten from my own conversations with other faekin and foxkin ;//u//;

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Hi!! Uh I know you're getting a ton of requests but could you make a post about Maned Wolfkin? I haven't found another, so I feel a little alone and I would love to see if you could maybe make a post about em (maybe it would get the kin type out there). We enjoy running in open tall grasses and playing games that involve a lots of running. Basically anything that has us out in the open wild to run around. We (I myself) love doing our signature "roar-bark". I hope I describe my kintype well uwu

sure thing!! that’s a really nice description yeah, thank you!!! i’ll make the post soon ;//u//; (any other maned wolf kin who want to add their own favorite activities would be welcome, as well!!)

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hey i noticed that you dont have a ghostkin positivity post :O if its not too much for me to ask can you make one sometime please and thank?

sorry, i stopped making the posts a while ago (dangerous people found my blog) but i can certainly talk about ghostkin some!! i actually have a friend who used to id as ghostkin, so i know a little more about that kintype than i know about some others

i do adore ghosts and ghost stories a lot though, my mom even says she saw ghosts when she was little!! she’s super attuned to spiritual stuff like that, so i totally believe it, especially because she lived in a super old house that used to be part of the underground railroad and had tons of hidden rooms and stuff. she said that there was one really nice lady ghost who whispered to her that she would be okay after a really bad thing happened to her, and that there was a little girl ghost in her room who sat in her rocking chair

also!!! some shironuri fashion reminds me of ghosts! cause it’s so beautiful and sort of surreal and elegant!!! though there’s also the more nature based stuff which sort of makes me think of like… if nature spirits could be ghosts if the nature they embodied died (like a dryad after their tree dies)

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You're aware that a lot of the trans*/nonbinary community has a major problem with these "otherkin pronouns", right? I've seen you using the "fae" set, and while I do think that personal identity and comfort are important, you need to realize that this issue is really upsetting a lot of the T/NB crowd for valid reasons. Tumblr user thepronoundebacle has lots of info on why they're problematic. I suggest you look through their links. Your comfort shouldn't come at the expense of someone else's.

this ask is kinda moot point since i stopped using them but the jury’s out on the trans community’s opinion on the pronouns okay, there are plenty of people on both sides of the argument

until everyone comes to a consensus i will use whatever pronouns someone asks me to use even if they’re themed okay i’m sorry anon but i just don’t feel like it’s my place to tell beings what they can and can’t use

conversely the tumblr user you sent me does have some good points but so does askanonbinary, and xe is on the opposite side of the argument

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I liked reading your otherkin positivity posts, maybe you could do one about sea animal related kin types for me? (I'm Belugakin and Dolphinkin)

ohh gosh, i’m glad you enjoy them!! that’s what they’re there for after all ;///u///; i stopped making that exact format of post, but i’d be happy to talk about belugakin and dolphinkin some!!

i actually know more about dolphins than i do about belugas because i’ve seen them in real life several times!! when i was little i even pet and fed a few in the wild, before i was old enough to realize that petting them is stressful for them. when i visited hawaii we saw a couple of pods, and they were so tiny and cute!! they even jumped out of the water a few times, my mom got some good pictures ;//u//;

the dolphins i pet were pink river dolphins, in brazil /)///u///(\ there’s actually a myth about male dolphins shapeshifting and seducing human girls, which is a really cool in my opinion!!

beluga’s are just so cute too oh my gosh, they have the most gorgeous coloring /)*///o///*(\ and they have beautiful singing too of course, i love whalesongs actually ;///u///;


THIs is kyousougiga!! the art style is similar to flcl if you’re into that! this is the plot summary: 

"Long ago a priest, high priest Myōe, had the ability to make anything he wrote come to life. This ability scared the villagers, and made him an outcast. In his mountain home he drew a variety of things, not least of which was a surreal town called Kyoto (lit. Mirror Capital). One of his drawings, a rabbit named Koto, whom he drew as the God of the Mirror Capital, comes to life upon striking a deal with a Bodhisattva. Lady Koto manages to win the love of Myōe. After finding a war orphan, Yakushimaru, and taking him under their wing as an adoptive child, the family dimension hop to Kyoto for a better life. Myōe draws two siblings, Yase, and Kurama. The five of them live happily together until Lady Koto, having fulfilled her end of the deal with the Bodhisattva, has to be taken away. With their time as a family at its end, Myōe leaves Yakushimaru his title, and his prayer beads, telling him that he will return with the beginning and the end in tow.

Years later Yakushimaru runs Kyoto as part of the Council of Three with Yase and Kurama as they await the return of their mother and father, a girl who bears resemblance to both Myōe and Koto, whose name is also Koto, finds her way into Kyoto, a feat never achieved. Koto spends her days in Kyoto living with Myōe, searching for a way to return home, while also trying to find clues about her own family. Eventually Kurama manages to hatch a plan with the use of Bishimaru and Koto to force open the gate leading to Kyoto, allowing Lady Koto to return. Her return however threatens to destroy the entire multiverse, and gains negative attention of the Shrine, a mysterious organization that acts to keep the peace of the multiverse.”

wow that sounds!!!! really interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!! i actually really wanna watch it now oh my gosh, i’m gonna look up some more stuff about it!! thank you so much for the anime rec ahhhhhh///

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You do realise that otherkin is a mental disorder right? So are headmates. Headmates is basically schizophrenia. Otherkin is believing that your mind is something that your body is not, which is also a mental disorder. It's okay to be either of these but i don't think it's right how much you idolize them and how cool you think they are.

woah okay anon i’m sorry if this comes off as rude (because you were actually polite to me thank you) but you are seriously misinformed. first off, i don’t idolize otherkin or people with headmates, i AM an otherkin and think there’s nothing bad about being one or having headmates. my positive posts aren’t meant to idolize or idealize, they’re meant to cheer people up who receive very little positivity

but okay moving on to something serious, being otherkin is NOT a mental disorder. there IS  a mental disorder in which people believe they are an animal, but it is NOT the same as being otherkin. otherkin identify the way they do because of a spiritual belief (usually involving reincarnation) and do not believe that they are physically an animal, or even mentally completely an animal. they know that their current human body affects their actions. they believe that they are SPIRITUALLY more animalistic than human, and like all other spiritual beliefs you can neither prove nor disprove this.

and alright, as someone who knows people with headmates IRL and people with schizophrenia they are NOT THE SAME THING and please don’t perpetuate the idea that they are because it’s really harmful. headmates are, essentially, the result of a mental disorder known as DID (dissociative identity disorder) and while some of the symptoms/causes may be similar the actual things are completely separate and you really shouldn’t think of them as the same things 0n0

disclaimer: what i know of mental disorders is second hand information, told to me by my psychologist about a year ago. if there’s new information or i’ve been misinformed please tell me

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Hi! those cute posts you submit to the otherkin tag are really sweet. I really like seeing them and sometimes they make my day. There was a rude person who said to stop posting them, but I encourage you not to stop. I really like them and they make me feel better! I hope the rude person didn't discourage you - A wolf therian

aww thank you anon, but it’s not just one post ;//u//; if my posts are problematic or need to be edited you all really should tell me

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hey would you ever consider making one of your positivity posts for cowkin?? there isnt a lot of stuff in the tag and its makin me sad

ahh i’m sorry, i stopped making those posts a while ago ;//o//; but i could happily write a paragraph or two about cowkin, cause cows are really great ;//u//;

like, did you know that cow-eyed was originally a phrase meant to refer to someone with really big, expressive, gentle eyes? cause cows actually do have really pretty eyes ahhhhh////

and i named my cat after the calf in Annabelle’s wish because she was so so so cute and i adored the movie!! cows are so cute they should be in more children’s movies ahhhhhhhhhh

Oh gosh, should I be responding to this privately?? You didn’t ask me too but you say you’re scared of getting bullied, so… Umm, I’ll take this down right away if you ask!!

I’m sorry to hear that your back/wings are hurting though ;//o//; have you tried doing stretches and stuff? Taking care of your body can definitely help with spiritual turmoil/pain so!! Yeah

I’m sorry though, I don’t know any angelkin off the top of my head. You can always check the tag, since I think that one’s got quite a few people, or the notes on my post, if a few mean comments wouldn’t bother you. I do know one polykin who’s part angelkin? If you want their url I can get it for you

I hope you have a good afternoon as well!! Thank you for the ask, good luck finding other angelkin!