Test Reading 5 - Mood and Card of the Day

These Readings are for talkingfiction.


1. Card for the Day - Wheel of Fortune. In ancient chambers her destiny is revealed, the old ways are now left behind. A new purpose is set in motion that allows her to see her path with clarity.

2. Attend to This - The Sun. The creator of all life, bringer of daylight and hope; in its splendour we are enlightened and filled with joyous optimism. We are able to see clearly and understand the truth.

3. Look Out For - Four of Cups. My apathy overflows as I lie and wait within this darkness. These centuries have only aided me to focus on events that are but shadows and dust.


4. Mood for the Day - King of Pentacles. Fear me not, for I was once like you. Place your hand upon my shoulder and follow my light, I shall guide you through these dark times and lead you to new beginnings.

5. Interferences - Nine of Wands. The elders of the clan bear their scars with pride. For they are moments of victory carved deep that offers us the strength with which they fought, to be ours.

6. Positive Results - Queen of Swords. I admire your honesty, but you are not telling your queen everything, are you? How then am I able to aid you if you hold things back from me?


talkingfiction replied to your post: i want to know my followers better so i’m gonna…

I can’t snap my fingers, but I can snap my knuckles.


 jennyjayne replied to your posti want to know my followers better so i’m gonna…

I’m currently extremely uncomfortable due to a mix of hw and needy friends. ..Or were you looking for interesting things? If so, I’ve been on an exchange trip to china, and I took and passed my 1st drivers’ test after being awake for ~36 hours.


 neorage replied to your posti want to know my followers better so i’m gonna…

ok i’m pretty decent at killing insects. like, fruit flies, regular flies, moths, i can catch them with my hands and kill them. tbh if i said that at school, people might be concerned.

I don’t think I know how to snap my knuckles either :s The way i snap my fingers is apparently wrong. SCREW SOCIETY’S RULES. ANARCHY ANARCHY ANARCHY. 

I bet China was awesome! It’s really awesome that you passed your drivers test on the first try, I think I only know like 3 or 4 people that have done that but they also hadn’t been up for 36+ hours so I think you win every award ever. If you set your homework on fire, you’d kill half of the problem. you could also set fire to your friends but that’s frowned upon.

I need you to move into my house like asap because we have moths and they suuuuuuuuuuck. but we also have spiders, mostly wolf and tarantulas. the joys of living in a log cabin.