Ugh! My sister has left with the kidlets finally (so not a kid person), unfortunately they have left behind some kind of child disease that I have no immunity against and which has left me lying in bed unable to eat or drink without feeling very sick.

Somehow my bf has managed to avoid catching this child disease. He finds that very unfair. He’d like to be sick so he can stay home from work, I would like to not be sick so I can look at my screen for more than 10 minutes at a time :(

Anyways, hopefully I’ll be better soon and I’ll be able to get back to posting my bacc and working on making overlay boxes that (hopefully) work. The plan is to do an underwear box and, if that works, move on to making a tights/socks overlay and maybe a fishnets/vests overlay.

  • norvaynman a réagi à votre discussion :norvaynman a réagi à votre discussion :The file...
  • Probably. Nexus does mess up a little at times. Let’s hope this one works the way you want it to
  • => if not I'll wait for tomorrow ~~ i still have an ask open for 1 hour now xD
  • Old man in CVS:Are their anymore scooters?
  • me on scooter:um, i dont think so. sorry
  • Old man:hmm, its okay im used to inconvenience, pain and suffering.
  • me:hahah (Holy shit old man you took one look at me and thought i was just so fucking kid messing around on a scooter didn't you? You assumed i didn't even need this scooter and to be honest if i wasn't having a bad pain day and need to get in and out of this store i'd give it to you! but assuming makes an ass out of you and me and thinking your illness is above everyone else is not okay i mean you have every right to think im just some dumb kid playing on a scooter but come on man holy shit take a knee old man.)