New Tumblr layout uses 3 or 4 different fonts and it’s really bugging me

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure it’s a major design rule to only use a maximum of 2 fonts on one thing BECAUSE it’s really distracting.

Facts not mentioned by the phandom, but should be mentioned more:

*Dan was Phil’s fanboy before he was a youtuber
*Phil is a ginger
*Dan studied law before dropping out to do YouTube full time.
*Dan’s square hair.
*Phil was a lil country boy *Dan’s freckles
*they’re both big weeaboo babies

This has been the 2nd winter in a row that hasn’t been jaw pain hell for me, which is wonderful, and thanks entirely to a really simple exercise I was given by dentist!

I figure this will come in really handy for other people who suffer with TMJ or any other conditions that cause jaw pain.

  1. Put your tongue on the soft part of your palette at the back of your mouth.
  2. Keeping your tongue in place, open your mouth as wide as you can without it hurting or clicking. Make sure you open it straight!
  3. Keep your mouth open for 5-10 seconds before closing it.
  4. Repeat for a few minutes every day.

It’s important to keep this up as it strengthens your jaw muscles over time. It WON’T stop your jaw from clicking, but it does keep it from hurting so much and makes it a lot less sensitive to the cold (although do still make sure to wrap your face up warm just in case!)

The frustration when two girls dating, no matter what orientation, are called lesbians. Are there any terms for like, bi girls dating? Pan girls dating? Demi girls??? etc

calling everyone lesbians just erases sexualites

on marvel and dc movies
  • <@Phrawger>(where's that black panther movie, marvel)
  • <@Phrawger>(where is it)
  • <@Phrawger>(why are we getting ant-man without wasp)
  • <@Phrawger>(where's that black widow movie at, hmmmmm?)
  • <@Phrawger>(why is the nick fury movie so far in the future that sam jackson will either be too old or too dead to play him?)
  • <@Phrawger>(why come you got like twelve blond white guys named chris?)
  • <@Phrawger>and yet somehow, this is all still better than whatever DC is trying to do
  • <@Phrawger>which appears to be "moovIEs? ye s makin a moive. gritty realdark imaginin, very much more darkreal and anit-hero." "What about Wonder Woman?" "nnNNOONONOOO"

‪#‎TBT‬ With me as the somnambulist, ‪#‎Cesare‬ in the 2005 re-mix of the 1919 classic ‪#‎TheCabinetOfDrCaligari‬ with director David Lee Fisher,who is also helming our re-mix of Nosferatu using the same technology!! See details on all this, and how you can help NOSFERATU rise again at THIS SITE: