This has been the 2nd winter in a row that hasn’t been jaw pain hell for me, which is wonderful, and thanks entirely to a really simple exercise I was given by dentist!

I figure this will come in really handy for other people who suffer with TMJ or any other conditions that cause jaw pain.

  1. Put your tongue on the soft part of your palette at the back of your mouth.
  2. Keeping your tongue in place, open your mouth as wide as you can without it hurting or clicking. Make sure you open it straight!
  3. Keep your mouth open for 5-10 seconds before closing it.
  4. Repeat for a few minutes every day.

It’s important to keep this up as it strengthens your jaw muscles over time. It WON’T stop your jaw from clicking, but it does keep it from hurting so much and makes it a lot less sensitive to the cold (although do still make sure to wrap your face up warm just in case!)

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