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chalant fic/rp recs?

I have been waiting my whole life for this question.

In no particular order:

  • Rather Hurt Than Feel Nothing At All: (complete) There are healthy and unhealthy ways to grieve. This is the latter. Chalant.
  • My Darling Dear : (complete) She smiles and spreads her fingers out, examining it. She looks perfectly content, but he still promises to get her a real ring next time.
  • As Long As The Sky’s Above Us, I’ll Never Leave You: (complete) “NO!” the word ripped its way out of Robin’s throat, hoarse and defining.He couldn’t think about anything but her. About the sickening sight of her crumpled and broken, slumped against the ropes binding her torso to the cold metal chair.
  • All I Want For Christmas Is You: (complete) Zatanna and Dick attempt to have a real dinner for once when Zatanna get’s a surprise.
  • Marry Me: (complete) He can feel his heart start to drum in his chest and before he knows it, he’s walking towards her. He wants to stop and turn around, but something is stopping him from it. And then he’s finally standing next to her. She looks up from her book and kind of smiles, acknowledging how awkward this is.
  • Baby Blue Eyes: (complete) The only reason that he knew her names was because she was in his Global History 101 Class. But he knew who she was way before that.
  • Tonight Feels Brand New: (complete) She even does his word-thing. That’s like, bonus points.
  • These Little Thrills: (complete) She blinks and remembers walking towards it and then an explosion and crap, she totally wrecked his motorcycle.
  • Mathlete Swag: (complete) In which there are nerdy pick-up lines.
Well that’s all I can find for now, I swear I had more. Anyway I hope you enjoy and be sure to leave feedback for the wonderful authors. Happy reading. 
Journal Entry-

Today, Miss M and I helped Zatanna move into her new apartment in Manhattan. 
The whole ‘moving’ thing came as a bit of a surprise…she wouldn’t exactly reveal the full truth as to why she was moving. That is, until she broke down in her new apartment.

Turns out, her and 'Wing broke up. I had half a mind to march right to him and personally break his nose. Miss M was on the verge of restraining me.  
She was really torn up about it. Seein’ her like that hurt my heart. I was…I was planning on telling the two of them that…that I was pregnant.

But I didn’t.

Instead, we had a nice afternoon watching movies together. And that was perfectly fine to me.

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(To everyone hating on wonder woman, and BC, ummm don't you have anything better to do then hate on an rp account? You say we don't have lives or whatever, but what are you doing? Going out of your way to hate on someone who is just trying to have fun. You claim she's doing a 'horrible' job of being WW, that's your OPINION, meaning it's NOT a fact it's just what you personally think. So in short GET A LIVE AND LEAVE THEM ALONE!

Thank you, Zatanna!

((Thanks for standing up for us! Though, to be perfectly honest, we’re laughing our asses off in TC because these losers think we actually care about them :P.)) 

Old Friends, New Problems

Zatanna: -I look around my empty room and sigh, so many memories. I reach for my purse ready to leave, for the last time. With another sigh I head towards my door-

Artemis: -I reach for her door, lightly tapping as I bite my lip. I had been heavy in thought ever since the phone call from M'gann. Being so wrapped up in everything school related made me feel so out of touch with everyone, including Zee. I tap once again.- Zatanna? You there?

Zatanna: -pauses with my hand on the keypad as someone knocks. The door slides open- Artemis? -a genuine smile spreads across my face, for the first time in what felt like days.  I move forward enveloping you in a tight hug.-

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Moving Out

So moving out wasn’t exactly what I planned. 

I had planned on ducking out with out anyone noticing horrible I know. I just wasn’t ready to face anyone yet. I needed to leave the cave, to clear my head to forget about him. But M'gann and Raquel caught me and insisted on helping. So together we flew to New York, the ride was anything but chalant. 

Too soon I found myself crying in Raquel’s arms, explaining everything to them. DickNightwing, the break up, how I felt; it all came tumbling out of me before I could stop myself. But they held me and let me cry, consoling me. I promised I would try and get over him I don’t think that’s happening anytime soon. And for the rest of the day we watched movies. All in all not a bad first day in my new apartment. 

Apartment Hunting.

I’m moving out of the cave. Everything is changing, for the good or for the bad mostly for the bad, and I-I just need a change of pace. Somewhere people don’t know who I am, where I can be anonymous. Somewhere I can be upset for a while. The cave is great and so are my friends but, I don’t want him to know where to find me. I won’t be at his beck and call anymore I just think it’s time.