He’s a little gruff and he smells vaguely of tobacco, beer, and sweat; he’s tall, and lean, and built with a certain catlike grace which he seems to have misplaced and which Cosette credits to the alcohol.

talk revolution to me, baby. series by duskjolras

For duskjolras’ fic (all together now…) Talk Revolution To Me Baby - which is fantastic and hopefully you’ve all read by now :) … More specifically from this drabble

Gosh love, I wish I were better at cartooning for your sake… 

Also I tried to make my own modern!amis more suited to your fic… not sure if it worked or not cause I’m terrible at character design… but at least I tried!


There’s a hastily-scrawled note on the bedside table, under the coffee, which is hot enough that it can’t have been left there more than ten minutes before, which reads “Out to pick up groceries. Help yourself to whatever you want and call me if you need me. Eponine’s on her way over” and is simply signed “-R”. Enjolras sits up and turns the note over in his hands before brushing his fingers lightly over the signature.

talk revolution to me, baby. series by duskjolras

If they hadn’t found Marius and Enjolras there’s not a doubt in Grantaire’s mind that they’d simply spend the rest of their lives like this, curled up around each other and holding hands with a bunch of photographs and sketches spread around them, Cosette’s books taking up both pillows on his bed.

talk revolution to me, baby.

series by


Joly, Musichetta and Bossuet for duskjolras, because she is awesome and she is doing amazing job with writing about my favorite OT3 (and the rest of Modern!AU Les Amis ofc) in her fic Talk revolution to me, baby! :D

I decided to stick with my headcanon Joly and Bossuet and since I always imagine Chetta as Ruth Negga, I tried to make my cartoon version look at least a bit like her and I failed nanana.

(bg texture by cgarofani)



As I am quite broke right now and there’s still three weeks left until my next paycheck, I’m once again opening commissions (but cheaper and properly this time!)

Digital portraits 15$
For each extra character 10$

Usually take me approximately 10 hours of straight work and therefore might take a few days or more as I’m currently working and studying.

For this i need you to supply me with a reference picture (or the name of the actor and I’ll find one and have you approve it) along with instructions if you want anything special in the background, in the form of clothing or setting (bloodied up? bruised? happy? crying?)

Sketches and drawings 5-10$
For each extra character 5$

Anything from a character sheet of your OC’s to your favorite ship cuddling. I’ll draw any fandom and any ship!

picspams for my favorite fics » Talk revolution to me, baby

“He thinks I don’t want people knowing about us.”

“Yeah, you did phrase that like a grade-a douchecanoe.”

“I was startled! I’d thought he wanted to do this quietly, you know?”

Musichetta frowns. “What makes you think that?”

With a shrug, Enjolras pinches the bridge of his nose briefly before answering. “You know him as well as I do. He doesn’t keep quiet about things. But he’s been careful not to kiss me when we’re in public, and he seems genuinely shocked if I so much as touch him. I started playing with his hair the other day at the café, entirely out of habit and because I needed something to do with my hands, and it looked like he was going to break my hand.”

There are a lot of appropriate responses to this and bursting out laughing probably isn’t one of them, but that’s exactly what Musichetta does. She actually howls with laughter, before taking Enjolras’ phone from his hands.

“What are you doing?” he asks, looking almost alarmed, because Musichetta is laughing so hard now that she’s doubled over and is wheezing.

“Calling everyone I know because this is funnier than that time Mary Kate locked you in the bathroom with Cat.”

“Will you please explain this to me before I go get your boyfriends to explain it to me?”

“You know they’ll laugh harder,” she gasps, and Enjolras stands, looking annoyed, so she tugs on his hand until he sits down again. “Sweetheart. You realize he’s in love with you, right?”

Enjolras rolls his eyes and deadpans, “Contrary to popular belief, I am aware of my surroundings.”

“He thought that’s what you wanted, baby. He was waiting for you to be the one to spill the beans to us, but you didn’t, so he assumed that’s how you wanted it. And it’s not like he’s really got many limits when it comes to you, so…”





everyone is so awesome in this ff i just want to hug them all and then snug into their lives and live with them forever??? when my tablet works properly i will draw something better OTL but at the moment this is all but i needed to flood my feels into drawings