So I was throwing little balls of paper at my friend in class today, because I’m an asshole, and the guy sitting two seats over (mind you, I think he’s very handsome) starts making me ammo to throw at her. He slyly hands it to me over the girl sitting between us and I kid you not I started hyperventilating like a fucking nerd and got all red in the face. The boy I have a stupid crush on gave me tiny paper balls. I guess you can say our relationship has moved to the next level. We’re getting married next week.


All this talk of a Cabin Pressure Zoo AU, how could I not draw it?

Here we have Martin, the bird expert, and Douglas with his snakes, which terrify Martin.
Arthur sells ice cream and balloons and sometimes runs around talking to himself in his Australian accent pretending to be Steve Irwin.
Herc nervously mans the petting zoo (it has sheep), and Carolyn runs the place with her faithful companion Snoopadoop the tiger, noblest of cats.

What toby said makes perfect sense

If you think about it right before toby started acting all withdrawn tanner said something along the lines of “if this turns out to be Mona’s blood your girl friend and her friends will be the first ones we questioned” so if toby is telling the truth and tanner is still adamant on taking the girls down toby is right he can’t be involved the less he knows the better that way he can’t slip up and accidentally spill a detail or get caught lying because let be honest we saw him try to lie to tanner and he sucked at it if she couldn’t see he was lying through his teeth she’s blind. Also to quote spencer “toby is one of the most honourable men” we know taking that oath and then having to break it and lie 95% of his time had to of been killing him . This way if he doesn’t know he doesn’t have to lie. I think he’s still protecting spencer with everything he has and will continue doing so to the ends of the earth even if it means having to give her up. Which I really hope it doesn’t come to that

Tea Time
  • Mary:Come on tell me how it is. I mean living with him.
  • Molly:-smiles slightly and takes a small sip of her tea- Well, it’s normal I think.
  • Mary:Normal? You just moved in with Sherlock Holmes. How can that be normal?
  • Molly:-sighs- Uhm I have to get used to the body parts in the fridge, also all those chemicals between the spices. But I think it could work. We are really happy.
  • Mary:So nothing normal at all.
  • Molly:You know what I meant. -tilts her head and shrugs-
  • Mary:Of course I do. -smiles and shakes her head- I am so happy for your, Molly. Really you deserve it so much.
  • Molly:Thank you. So what about you and John? How is family life?
  • Mary:Oh God it is so stressful. I can’t sleep more than 4 hours. And she is crying all the time. Plus John snores like a chainsaw. Does yours snore as well?
  • Molly:Oh God, yes.
  • Mary and Molly:-laughing-