Royal Australian Air Force Roulettes

I was in the middle of shooting something far more food related for my blog today, then thanks to the 2013 Melbourne F1 Grand Prix being held two blocks from my house, these guys showed up at an unbelievably low altitude.

At the front of the squadron of PC-9/A aircraft is Stephen Baker who began instructing at the RAAF at the age of 23. When the roulettes aren’t putting on shows they train RAAF pilots to become air force instructors.

Pretty neat show.

Now back to the soothing roar of F1 engines audible as though the track was inside my living room…totally conducive to having a productive day.


The Layover - nine hours and 2,000 yen.

Thanks to Warito (Nakameguro) for my second visit in two weeks - your  Tsukemen is incredible, Le Pain de Joel Robuchon (Hikari Building Shibuya) for the Brioche a la fraise, Bear Pond Espresso (Attached to On The Corner, Aoyama) for their single origin brew, and the Narita Express for the ice green tea and getting me back to the airport on time.

Freshly showered at the airport with 1 hour and 419 yen to spare - and a free bottle of Qantas Airways lounge yamazaki.

Enjoy my bad iphoneography my usual tool is buried deep somewhere within Narita airport.

Holiday over.