Equestria Girls Roles ('Cause I was dying while we made this shit up, I thought I'd share.)
  • Filore is a French foreign exchange student who barely speaks a word of English.
  • Mockingbird is the hawt teacher that all the boys love and girls hate.
  • Wild Card is an ex-con groundskeeper.
  • Gemevieve is that weird hipster stoner girl that draws in her sketchbook for every class, and practically lives in the art room.
  • Techno Wizard is the science teacher.
  • Mr. Teabiscuits is the librarian.
  • Filore has nowhere to sit during lunch, so she eats outside where Wild tells her the horrors of the world, because he thinks she can’t understand a word he’s saying… and then tries to sell her weed anyway.
  • Gem buys his weed.
  • Mockly and Wild get it on in the janitor’s closet between periods.
  • Techno might have the hots for Mockingbird, but dislikes her so it’s like GAH CONFUSING BONER?!
  • Nooow it’s going downhill, I should sleep. More might be added soon. XD;