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Tales of Zestiria fifth trailer.

"If I’d ever meet with you somewhere
One of us will surely just go disappear
Why I thought I wanted us to chat
Say, why was that? Say, why was that?

"If the you, or if the me is real
One of us is fake, how does that make you feel?
Maybe I should just disappear, just a lie”
Later, bye bye”“

Started this a while ago but got busy with work and my preparation to move. Wanted to create a watercolor like feel with this one to help reflect how i imagined this song. Rain, cool, and incredibly remorseful. It was an interesting experiment.


Hi everyone, Chi here! 5 more days till Comic Fiesta 2014 (Malaysia). I wonder if any of you are going *q* I’ll be tabling at E7 (basic) with my senpais www. Due to time constraint and space availability (look at that tiny table sobs), these are the only merch I’ll be taking with me. They’re limited too, especially the dj ;;  Also, i take on-spot commissions for those who are interested. 

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