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when people say Patrick isn’t a good musician I just quietly show them this

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can you do a fic where stiles and scott get deaged? i don't care about anything else in it, just have that. and only if you're comfortable doing it, and if you have time. thank you babe!

Melissa takes one look at the two toddlers and her heart immediately seizes up. Scott waddles towards her, the t-shirt too big on him, still holding Stiles’ chubby hand in his own. “Mommy!” Scott says happily, arms open wide for a hug.

"What happened?" Melissa asks, automatically picking them up in her arms. They’re all soft and round, like they just stepped right out of her memories, Scott looking all of three years old and missing his two front teeth. 

Derek frowns, looking at the two babies awkwardly. “Spell went wrong, but I need to catch up with the witches. I think Lydia found out where they are. Are you going to be okay like this for a little bit?”

Melissa bounces the boys on her hip, blinking back a tear. “I’ll be fine, Derek,” she says. Derek nods and leaves in a hurry, and Melissa sighs when Scott curls up against her neck and Stiles places a sloppy kiss on her cheek. They’re so young and unmarred by everything like this. She kind of guiltily wants them not to find the witches for awhile, just so they can have a break from all the things they’ve been through. 

"C’n Stiles stay for naptime?" Scott asks.

"Of course," Melissa says, carrying them upstairs.

"Naptime," Stiles says sleepily.

She tucks them into Scott’s bed, and they curl up in the blankets, happy little smiles on their faces, holding hands like they’re otters, afraid they’ll drift apart in their sleep.  


Cate Blanchett Filmography

She’s an actress that is not only gifted and talented. Cate Blanchett is above all a brave actress- One has to be brave, for example, to play in A Streetcar Named Desire in Broadway. I really admire her enormously, and I’d really love to resemble her. - Meryl Streep

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He talks about you in his sleep
There’s nothing I can do to keep
From crying when he calls your name, Jolene