Do not shame people for writing in their own format

Do not shame people if they want to bold, italcize, underlnd,  random words (or even cool grey boxes)

         Do not shame people for wanting to indent

Do not shame them if they don’t

Do not shame them for ฝคกՇٱกﻭ Շ๏ nsǝ ⓒⓞⓞⓛ ᴛᴇxᴛ

Do not shame them if they don’t

Do not shame them if they like to write small

Do not shame them if they write in that standard size font

Or even big font

Do not shame people for using gifs, icons, or gif icons

Do not shame them if they don’t

Send me a ○ for my muse to say something to yours.
  • 1. It’s easy to think twice.
  • 2. A choice can change your life.
  • 3. You thought you’d take them by surprise and unleash all your demons upon them?
  • 4. You’re the villain, but you play the victim.
  • 5. You never took no advice.
  • 6. Did you ever realize that your violence had taken your virtue?
  • 7. You can’t wash away the mistakes of yesterday.
  • 8. I can hear the sirens still calling your name.
  • 9. I can see the ashes rise up from the flames.
  • 10. Did you stop and regret when the voice inside your head got so quiet, that you’d hear a pin drop?
  • 11. Did you still like the view when the guns were aimed at you?
  • 12. I fought the law but the law won.
  • 13. Count all the lives that you’ve broken.

Robin Pettersson Tailor

As you already knew I’m a menswear enthusiastic, I just love everything that has to do with it and I can’t stop smiling when I found someone who has potential to be something, who has the ability to be a true talent.

So finally, my first and not last pair of bespoke trousers from the atelier named Robin Pettersson Tailor. Mr. Pettersson himself crafts all of the clothing at his own workshop in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Mr. Pettersson started as many other young tailors to craft jackets and suits for himself, friends and family. His work spread through the internet and today Mr. Pettersson crafts tailored clothing from requests all over the world. 

I chose to make a request for a pair of trousers with a cotton gaberdine from Caccioppoli. It’s a very lightweight cotton fabric at it’s 270 grams per square meter and a color that I would describe as the camel one. 

The results? A beautiful pair of trousers. Look at all the handsewn and handstitched details. This is true craftsmanship and I finally solved my problem to find trousers that has the details and the fit that I always have trouble finding.



To quote

being a slow rper  terrible, bad, unquality, anything you want to call it.

the fact that you reply to begin with is all that i care about. the fact that you take the time and effort to write each and every reply whether it’s mine or not means more and is worth more than you being rushed and stressed.

please don’t ever feel the need to pressure yourself. you don’t owe anyone here anything, and feeling hassled isn’t going to do anything but ruin that. rping, writing, interacting is for fun, and to develop your abilities. fuck anyone who tells you otherwise.


"I will miss you."

"I won’t forget you."

The blame goes to my favorite RPers: abeautifulability & elphiethedelirious for giving me so much Elsaba feels which resulted to this. I don’t even do digital painting—I mean, look at how unnaturally enormous Elphie’s hat is, jfc, I dunno how I came up with that lol and everything looks so messy, gahh, I tried tho, I tried; this is my first time to actually try it on my ipad with a shitty stylus,… and holyshit. You did this to me *sobbing endlessly* (that’s how good you both are in your writing, okay, you gave me super power)

… and I might have done more, but these should do for a while lol

Kelly, this is what’s up on my sleeves lol toldya not that biggie but asdshd;;gklgjdfgjh please tell me you like them! XD You, too, Steph—and Hi! I know you don’t know me, but I love your Elphie so much :3 pls dont get creeped out XD

now, now, both of you gimme more Elsaba :3

And to my dear followers, I don’t care if you don’t ship Elsaba, but if you love Elsa & Elphaba and would like to follow RP blogs, I highly recommend following these two! Goooo.

Send me a • for my muse to say something to yours.
  • 1. Don't wait for a knight in shining armor.
  • 2. These flowers have grown from bloodstains on the ground.
  • 3. The fact is, everyone bleeds when they shave.
  • 4. Don't deny we're just the same.
  • 5. We'll take it back.
  • 6. These smoking guns will never rest.
  • 7. Unleash the skeletons from the closet.
  • 8. These strangers are friends that you've never met.
  • 9. Send them sympathies with a hallmark card.
  • 10. Even after I'm dead and buried, I'll still remember.
  • 11. Even after I'm dead and buried, I'll come back fighting.
  • 12. Voices of violence will always be heard.

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Olivia “Olly/Livy” Sanders | 15 | Freshman | FC: Chachi Gonzales | Talent/s: Dancing (Contemporary & Street), Baking

Olivia, or Livy as she prefers to be called, is a freshman. Her sweet and kind nature is expressed through her love for baking, while her aggressiveness and gracefulness is shown via dancing. She started building her reputation nicely, clean and above average grades, and being approachable is a plus, too. She keeps a secret, though, and it’s one secret no one will ever know but her.