History is repeating || Liam Dunbar ||

"Liam, I suck at Lacrosse there is no way." I groaned as my boyfriend handed me a lacrosse stick "Your good at archery. Just pretend the stick is your cross bow , the ball is your arrow and the net is your target" He explained . You sighed and turned to the goal, positioning yourself and doing just as he said . Liam loved lacrosse, it was his favorite thing to do so when he dragged you along so he can practice you gave in knowing he would be happy. But, now he wanted you to try , and you sucked . Listening to his words you pictured yourself doing archery and swung the stick , the ball soaring through the sky before hitting the net . You dropped the stick, mouth agape as you looked in disbelief . Turning to Liam you grinned and ran into his arms hugging him. "I did it!" You squealed "I guess I’m a good coach" he murmured leaning in for your lips . You smiled and attached your lips to his loving the feel of them on yours . Your hands found their way to his hair, fingers raking through them. Out of breath, you pulled away smiling when you heard your name being called . Turning around you saw your Uncle Chris , Scott , Derek and Stiles . Furrowing your eyebrows, you turned to Liam who seemed just as confused "Uncle Chris? What are you guys doing here?" "I don’t want you with this boy" Taking a step back you looked at him astonished "What ?" You whispered breathless "Uncle Chris I thought-" But he cut you off "I don’t want you seeing him . I don’t want you dating him. He’s a wolf " "But Scott’s a wolf and so is most of his pack" "They know how to control themselves " "But Malia, barely knows how to as well! Uncle Chris you know that Liam won’t hurt me . Whats the real reason?" "I’ve lost to many people because of this ." You knew he was mainly referring to Allison . "I’m not losing you to . " "You won’t!" "Enough y/n. We’re leaving. " "No! Scott!" You ran over to Scott who looked emotionless "Scott, you went through the same thing with Allison. You were a young wolf , she was a hunter . Everything turned out fine you controlled yourself . Please tell him that." You whispered clutching onto his shirt." He held onto your hands slowly pulling them down "I’m sorry, he’s right." He softly spoke making you drop your hands to the side . It suddenly felt numb, everywhere suddenly felt numb. You turned to Derek who avoided your gaze , and then to Stiles . Stiles. Stiles had become your best friend since you moved in with your Uncle . "I tried, I’m sorry" he mouthed making you let out a sob. You felt and arm around your shoulder and another clutching one of your hands to keep you steady. Your uncle . Turning you saw Liam looking at you with tear filled eyes and a look of disbelief as if he couldn’t quite gather that his entire world was taken away from him in a matter of minutes .

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Beautifully Oxidized Bronze Sculptures of Elongated Women

Michael James Talbot

London-based artist Michael James Talbot creates beautiful sculptures of elongated women inspired by Greek mythology and Venetian masquerades. The surreal representations merge the human form with abstract and exaggerated shapes, most often presenting a visual extension of the female’s garment. Altogether the sculptures stand tall, some even reaching heights greater than 6 feet tall.

The sculptor manages to seamlessly integrate the dramatic stretch of the bottom half of each figure in an unobtrusive way. Sometimes the woman’s foot will peek out, high above the granite base, though often the illusion of the draping material elegantly runs straight down to the bottom. The elaborate length seems to complement the figurative structures.

Talbot creates his captivating pieces by molding clay and casting each sculpture in bronze. He then proceeds to finish with chemical patination, adding a new sense of character to the already expressive figures. The artist says, “The human form gives me an endless source of inspiration. The subtlest of movements and expressions can be captured in the sculpture to portray a myriad of emotions and convey tension, drama, fluidity and grace. No other subject has this richness of emotional and spiritual content or the capacity to convey such a broad and interesting narrative.”