"Circle of Life"

You know, I never really thought about this phrase except for when I was singing the Elton John song from the Lion King soundtrack. Now I feel like I’m kind of living it. I’m in my mid-50’s and I am now taking care of my Mom. I was taking care of Dad too, but leukemia took over and he passed away in October. During the past year, Mom has suffered a few strokes and is now on oxygen. She’s ok, but in a more frail condition. I can see that she feels like a burden to her family—-NOT TRUE! It is an honor for me to now take care of her. I’m going to retire earlier than I expected so that I can take care of her full time (with a little help). She took care of me until I could take care of myself—now it’s my turn.

Life has gone full circle. Now she is like my child. But it truly is an honor.