13 pieces of advice for college freshmen

Here is a comprehensive list of things to take in account before your freshman year.  I wish I had known some of these things.

1. Move in will most likely be the most stressful/happy/sad/uncomfortable day of your life.  It will probably be excruciatingly hot and you will be filled with emotions of nerves and sadness but trust me, it will only go up from there.  And  no, the award ice breaking games will not go on forever even if they may seem to.

2. Walk to your classes a day or two before they start.  There is nothing more embarrassing than waltzing into the wrong classroom on the first day of class that just so happens to be filled with seniors. Trust me on this one.

3. TALK TO PEOPLE IN YOUR CLASSES.  Even if they aren’t in your sorority or fraternity, class friends are great and will make those treacherous hour long periods a little bit more bearable.

4. Be open. I cannot stress this enough.  You will meet people in the first week that will be your friends for life and others that you will not speak to after the first month, but meeting as many people as possible is the best thing you can do for yourself.  

5. This is NOT high school.  you don’t have to be the same person.  You can totally be the same person but you can also totally be a new person.  Just promise me that you will stay true to yourself.

6. Stay civil with your roommate.  As an only child, I had never lived with anyone else and needless to say, was completely terrified to do so.  Luckily I was graced with the greatest roommate on the planet.  But if you are not as lucky as I was, please just try not to pick at each other.  I have seen too many people in toxic living situations and it is just better to try your best to stay on good terms, even if you are very different people.

7. Crying is ok.  In fact, sometimes crying is the best.  You will cry more than you ever thought possible.  Classes are hard, boys (or girls) are dumb, and believe it or not you WILL be homesick at one point.  everyone cries, so don’t let it phase you.

8. Take pictures.  This may seem obvious but one of the best things to do is look back on how much you, your friend group, and your surroundings have changed throughout the year.  

9.  Snapchat is your friend but it is also your enemy.  I know as much as the next girl how fun it can be to post crazy things to show those stupid girls from high school how fun college is, but maybe tone it down a little bit.  Just be careful.  Especially before you are part of a greek organization.

10.  Do not feel pressured to do ANYTHING. We have all watched the crazy TV shows that make college look like partying and sex 24/7, but it does not have to be that way.  Just because your friend is hooking up with three different guys does not make it bad they you are not hooking up with any.  hook up if you want to but never feel like you need to do something in order to make yourself look better. 

11.  “Hooking up” is probably the most frequent phrase that you will hear.  I still to this day do not know the specific parameters of hooking up…i’ll let you know when I find out.

12. Work your ass off.  Sometimes all of your friends are going out on a Thursday and you have a huge exam on Friday and you absolutely cannot and should not go out.  It will seem like the worst thing ever at the time but when you are able to call your mom and brag about that kick-ass grade on that philosophy exam, it’ll all be worth.  

13. CHERISH FRESHMAN YEAR.  As someone with less than two weeks left, I feel like the world is coming to an end.  this has comprehensively been the best and most teaching year of my life.  I loved every second of it…even the terrible times.  You really learn about yourself in college.  PLEASE do not wish it away.

Thanks for listening.  Hope this helps!

Love, MK

oh gosh I’ve had too many feelings and I’m so stressed out…. I think my anxiety is getting worse and I just want to take a nap for a while and get away from it, but I can’t because I have so many things to do…. I’m so tired of bottling up my emotions and then feeling like I’m going to start bawling if something small and trivial happens because that one little thing will just let loose all the other things I’ve been holding back

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Don't usually interact with people (massive social anxiety), but I like reading your Sleepover Sunday posts (not in a brainspace to share off anon tho). IDEK I don't actually have a question or anything. I'm just super stressed and frustrated and underpaid and overworked and my relationship is teetering on the edge of collapse as is my psyche and I simultaneously want to do things + cry lots + go to sleep forever, and I'm tired and sad and. and I just wanted to say that to somebody. Sorry. :(

ashgjdjhdsg thank u for reading + sharing with me, thats alright thats what this is for shhhh [holds u] 

you cant do the things you want to do if youre too overwhelmed so force yourself to take as much of a break from doing from thinking about anything (even 5 or 15 min), make the conscious decision to tell your brain shhhhhh and to stop thinking about so much at once + sort out the different bits of your life and gather some order back into it by dealing with one thing at a time. tell your significant other about how you feel, then they can understand where youre coming from + why the relationship isnt working so well right now and maybe help you to sort out all the things in your life. though for now, get some hot choc, a hot shower/bubble bath and sleep early tonight if you can uwu 

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so,,,,ive decided im going to finish all the request in our inbox than take a hiatus from the community, indefinitely. ive been in this community since 2010 and it’s poison, this used to be a place for people to escape and have fun and now it just stresses me out and that’s not what i want, getting on here has become a job rather than an outlet and im just to busy to be here anymore, all request will be completed,,,, im not sure if kara will stay, but i will not, best of luck to everyone.