Free! EP 12 thoughts (of the pro swimmer haru kind)

It has been a long road full of struggles but we’ve finally reached our destination and I am so happy about it that I wasn’t going to comment; especially because I think that next episode we may have more insight as to what things touched Haru and in what measure.

But then I rewatched the episode and I couldn’t help but to form my own guesses; and given that this is the topic that has got me more emotionally invested this whole year, here goes nothing! 

When the season started airing, I said that I felt it would be necessary to make Haru acknowledge his competitive drive beyond Rin. And then when Episode 7 aired, I said that personally:

I feel that there are mainly two things that fuel that fear and that keep Haru from honestly addressing the possibilities being presented to him; on one hand, it’s his own philosophy - aka “free”. On the other hand, it’s the future itself and more specifically: the change that future brings. (x)

And I can’t help but to feel that this episode tackled both things. The first I feel was through Haru’s interactions with Russell and Lori; or more specifically, through watching Rin’s interactions with them.




We had an inordinate amount of focus on Haru noticing these things; complete with his eyes trembling right in that last shot. It struck me as peculiar and I wasn’t sure what to make of it at first; but after giving it some thought, to me this feels like Haru may as well have been realizing that you can have a home away from home. That change does not have to be something negative; that leaving Iwatobi does not have to be a depressing prospect. That he can forge bonds and belong somewhere else, too.

In other words, I feel that Haru being able to experience the bond Rin was able to form with Russell and Lori - how welcoming they are, how much like family they are - eased Haru’s fears and hesitation regarding change; regarding leaving his roots and his comfort zone and stepping out into the unknown.

So I feel that is one of the vital pieces that allowed Haru to give that step forward at the end. Another one would be Rin’s talk to him in the bed; because it lead to something fundamental (at least to me):

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-Wooooooo guess who is doing homework and making new meal/workout plans most of the night? MEeeEEeeEEEe. Last night sucked and I could barely sleep at all, and I would rather be productive than just toss and turn. My body is weird and not craving sleep at all. I was totally fine on not much sleep today and it will be fine tomorrow. Don’t follow my example kidz. (I also haven’t had any caffeine besides green tea and a scoop of preworkout for 5 days now?! So that’s not it I don’t think, because I haven’t been downing large iced coffees lol)

-I’m really excited because I am going to be doing more carb cycling. I know that my body responds better to higher protein and lower carbs, but I’ve tried keto before, and I just don’t like losing strength in my lifts and I have made good progress with carb cycling so that’s what I’m going to do. I have a solid 10 day cycle set up and it looks goodddd. It’s nothing crazy or drastic or unhealthy, just a manageable, nice plan. Going to stick with this 6-8 weeks and assess progress. Going to go grocery shopping tomorrow and get on that :D

-Also doing chemistry homework and studying for upcoming test ayyyyy don’t drop that G-P-A ayyyy don’t drop that G-P-A

-Oh and for today’s workout, I did back and biceps, and I ALMOST DID AN UNASSISTED PULLUP. I was just about 20 lbs off using the assisted pullup machine hehe idk, my back LOOKS like could do pullups, and I can do endless dips and pushups but NOOooOOO. It’s okay, by the end of the month I should be doing one, my back gains have impressed me the most out of pretty much everything in my fitness journey.

-I didn’t turn in my job application and cover letter today because I ran into that guy who works there during my workout and he was like HEY WAIT I WANT TO PROOFREAD IT AND HELP YOU. So I’m also going to revise that tonight and turn it in. He is so nice and helpful idk I’m just thankful for some really nice and helpful people in my life.

-Going to workout tomorrow morning (LEGS & CARDIO holla), turn in the job app, then go to class, then go to a meeting, then change oil in car, then grocery shop, and do laundry I guess because I tend to do adulty things on the same days


went to the revamped Myrtille, run by the super-talented brother-sister team at ymirtille. those two really know how to make gorgeous towns!

If dream towns could make you cry, man. it’s sooo beautiful, oh my gosh?!?! like, just go. i can’t describe in words or screenshots how beautiful this town is.