The Unsigned Artist Life Of TaylorMade!

I must say bein’ an unsigned artist has it’z upz N’ downz. The up side of it all is U have control on what U wanna do wit Yo project N’ how much money U wanna spend or not. U can book Yo own showz when U want 2. Now 4 the down side of it is that U really don’t make Yo money until U get signed by a record label. National radio stations won’t play Yo music witout proper representation 2 make up Yo music. I say make up Yo own plan N’ stick wit how ever long it takez. Well I’ll end this off on a high note N’ just say hang in there, don’t give up on U N’ Yo Boy TaylorMade. If U wanna keep up wit TaylorMade herez the link 2 his Twitter Page:


It only takez one voice to make changes. Here are pictures from the 9/11 service my school held today which I was apart of. Last year there was no mention on 9/11, to the point I had to ask my professor’s for a moment of silence. Being in Jersey, it’s the closest I’ve been to the city. So when nothing was done last year I was shocked and hurt. So instead of carrying on I emailed the president of the school saying how disappointed I was. Just seeing the flag at half staff this afternoon would have been considered a victory! So speak your mind, because you may just change the world. #911 #rememberance #neverforget #centenarycollege