Esther Van Helsen| 15 years old | Psychopath, Manipulator, Obsessive | Face claim: Isabelle Fuhrman | TAKEN

"I’m not a child anymore."

Esther is a dangerous girl. Perhaps, the only redeeming quility about her is her affection for the young Mackenzie. Other than that, she’s a monster. On the outside, she is an adorable little girl. All curls and ribbons and lace, wearing frilly dresses to add to the illusion. But inside is a different story. Esther is a psychopath, and their is no changing that. Like most others at St. Brittin’s she doesn’t regret what she did in slightest, the difference, is that remembers what she did. And she should, ever bit of harm done, every death is something she’s proud of. It started when she was young. Sexual abuse; from her father, her fathers friends. And it scarred her. And so, one night she walked to her fathers room, stabbing him heart with a knife stolen from her kitchen. Her mother followed next, the woman who refused to stand up for her only daughter. Then Esther left, walked off into the brisk night and never returned to that place. She traveled from orphanage to orphanage, and death follow her wake. Then people caught on, and the next place Esther was sent was St. Brittin’s. It’s too late to help her though, because Esther doesn’t want help. She wants revenge on the world.

Now that’s she here, Esther is a continuing source of trouble. She often riles up the more dangerous patients, just to entertain herself. As stated earlier, the only person she is close to is Mackenzie, for whom she would do anything to protect. She feels close to the young girl, because she knows that helpless feeling on having no one to turn to. Due to how possessive she is, she’s slowly been taking Mackenzie away from the rest of her friends and her sister.

Preferred Ships: Open


Jessie Baker | 17 years old | Anger management, Psychopath, Abusive | Face Claim: Josh Hutcherson | TAKEN

"I dare you to move, I dare you to lift yourself up off the floor."

Jessie wasn’t always a murderer. He wasn’t always agressive or unethical or introverted. Growing up in Kentucky, Jessie spent everday on the farm with his seven younger siblings, and over-controlling mother and father. His mother was a very innocent woman, and Jessie didn’t understand how she could have possibly done the naughty things needed to be done to make him. That was until he caught his parents in the barn one night, his mother abused and bloody, and his fathers fists clenched and pants unzipped above her. After that Jessie started to unwantingly follow in the footsteps of his demonic dad. At the market when someone wouldn’t give Jessie a good amount for his vegetables, he’d threaten them with a knife. At home when his little sister wouldn’t stop crying, he knocked her against a wall till she was almost gone. Jessie was getting stronger, angrier, and more powerful. He was taking revenge on the little people in life till he was confident enough to take on the monster, and last summer; it finally happened. After drinking himself into a drunken oblivion, Jessie’s father passed out on the couch in their living room. Jessie made sure all his family was asleep before he tip-toed down the stairs, and took a shot gun to his father’s left temple, killing him instantly. That’s how he ended up at St. Britten’s.

And Jessie likes it here at St. Britten’s. With some intensive therapy and anger managment sessions, he’s trying his hardest to turn back into the carefree country boy he used to me. He enjoys working in the facilities flower garden, and has taken a special liking to the song birds who occupy the few trees on the lot. Some might call Jessie a monster, but if you give him a little time you’d see he’s much more than that.


Lucille Van Pelt |17 years old| Sociopath, Pyromaniac, Anger-Management |Face claim: Kaya Scodelario| UNPLAYABLE

"Only if you don’t mind my beating you over the head with the stool you’re sitting on."

Lucy was never the nicest child. At first she wasn’t as bad; she was controlling and bossy, earning the nickname ‘Fussbudget’ from her parents, but not all over a bad kid. However, living with two brothers that everyone seem to prefer over her, and constant rejection from the only boy she liked at the time, set her on a path of self-destruction. At the age of fifteen, she was drinking, smoking, and fooling around with anyone willing. Losing her virginity in a drunk hook-up at fourteen had sort of numbed her to any sort of emotional pain. At least that’s what she thought. When she was sixteen, things got messy, physically and emotionally. One of her hook-up had gone horribly wrong, and Lucy was sixteen and pregnant. What a cliche, huh? But it doesn’t end there. In a horrible accident, Lucy lost her child. Back at school, and not 100% mentally, a comment from a snide girl was all it took to set her off. As she was walking down the hall, Heather, leader of the ‘Cross Your Heart’ club and local church youth group, had commented, knowing Lucy was in earshot, how she was ‘so glad she was waiting for marrige, so she wouldn’t end up like some people.’ And that was it, Lucy snapped. Without thinking, she pulled out a lighter from her pocket, setting Heather and her prized red-hair on fire.

Needless to say, Lucy was in trouble. By a stroke of luck, she ended up in the Institution, rather then in jail. She honestly hates everything about it. She doesn’t regret what she did, and doesn’t see why she should. The only thing she blames herself for is the fact that her brother has ended up here with her. She’s very much  interested in one of the other patients, Schroeder.

Preferred Ships: Open


Hannah (Real Name: Violet Baudelaire) | 15 years old | PTSD, Separation Anxiety, Sexual Abuse | Face claim: Emily Browning | TAKEN

"This is our home now."

Violet Baudelaire was a clever girl. With a natural talent for inventing, and a good lot of common sense, Violet was incredibly prepared for the future. Just not in the way everyone thought. When both Baudelaire parents died in a horrible accident, they left their three young children on their own. Violet, nine at the time, did the only thing she could think of and took her siblings away. Traveling at night, through woods, allyways, and other places children should never have to go through, the Baudelaire children made their way far, far away from home. Finally settling down in a small city, the broken family had become something else. Gone were Violet, Sunny, and Klaus Baudelaire, and in their place were Hannah, Annie, and Jacob. The change had been Hannah’s idea, to keep their real identities secret. After a while though, they became those people. Only Hannah could remember their old names, both Annie and Jacob having been too young to hold onto the information during the stress of the next six years. While the children were living on the streets, Hannah had to grow up fast. Willing to do anything to protect her siblings, Hannah’s life was much harder, as she took the brunt of anything the happened to the family. The family found St. Brittin’s when an ad with the location on it was found by Jacob.

Being the oldest, Hannah registered her and her siblings at St. Brittin’s, giving them the families long unused real names. She is almost constantly on edge here, as she share of a room with neither of her siblings. She’s often found tinkering with bits and pieces of things, building amazing creations, but always destroying them after. As much as she wished she could leave The Institution, she doesn’t want to risk possibly losing her siblings. The staff and other patients call the siblings by their real names, but when alone the siblings use the names they’ve had for the last six years.


Casey Laraman | 17 years old | Partially deaf, Musical prodigy, PTSD | Face claim: Ulrick Munther | TAKEN

Music is supposed to bring people together, not tear them apart.

Son of famous music producer PJ Laraman, Casey was born and raised with music in his soul. At three, he could play the drums, guitar and piano on a college level, and quite frequently had the lead solos in his elementary school concerts because of his harmonic voice. Being exposed to music since birth, Casey’s ear drums suffered, and he was diagnosed with complete hearing loss in one of his ears by age ten. Still, he continued creating and performing music, letting the rhythm inside of him fill in where his hearing may of failed to. Celebrating a CD release last year, Casey joined his father at a party for Lux, the new superstar on their record label. Driving back to their Hampton mansion after the party, a previous member of the record label who was dropped only months before for horrible publicity and drug problems, pulled next to the Laraman’s car and fired over twenty rounds into the vehile. Casey escaped the drive by with gunshot wounds to his shoulder, neck, and side; his father wasn’t as lucky. So with his mother suffering with Ovarian cancer and his father gone, Casey had no other relatives to try and console him in his time of need, and he was quickly placed into the hands of St. Britten’s.

At St. Britten’s, Casey finds himself retreating further into his music. He was able to bring all his instruments along, and he could usually be found in the conference room where group sessions are held, playing for himself, or anyone else who happens to wander in. Not wanting to communicate, he uses his partial deafness as a way to keep to himself, but he knows he’ll have to open up sooner or later in order to recover. He wants to become a music artist more than ever to not only prove to his parents, but also himself, that miracles do come out of horrible times.


Trey “Good” Hamilton | 15 years old | ADHD, Tourette’s syndrome, Insomnia, Meth addict | Face Claim: Princeton | TAKEN

Trey “Good” Hamilton was born with Tourette’s syndrome. It’s a disease, he knew that, and he was determined to not let it control his life. As a little boy, Trey played baseball, screaming occasional profanities or ticking from the outfield, but he laughed it off, and soon others learned how to too. Trey took his Tourette’s with a smile, never letting his disorder control him. He loved being with his friends, and for a young boy going through puberty, he loved girls. And they loved him too. Trey lost his virginity at the tender age of thirteen, that year, also finding out he would become a father. That same year, Trey’s mother was killed by a drive-by shooting, sending Trey and his father into a halfway house. Trey experienced drug addiction first hand, and soon after seeing his own father battle the meth monster, Trey stepped on board, sending his Tourette’s into a torturing spiral downward. And to make matters worse, in school, Trey would have a hard time focusing. A meth child with a mental disorder, Trey was wild and only slept one or two hours a night. His father thought his hyperactivity came from just being a young boy, but once at St. Britten’s, Trey was also diagnosed with ADHD as well as insomnia.

Now at St. Britten’s, Trey is trying to turn back into the charasmatic and caring boy he used to be, trying with all that, to also balance his unpredicatable Tourette’s. His daughter, a two year old beauty, visits him occasionally with her mother, but other than that, he has no visitors. Trey doesn’t cause problems at St. Britten’s, and from the first day he was admitted, he’s been nothing but “good”, therefore he received his nickname. But is Trey really good? Or is the meth monster still boiling under his perfectly etched exterior?

Preferred Ships: Trey/Brooke, Trey/Lucy

(Character Credit)


Schroeder Jameson |17 years old | Psycopath, Obsessive |Face claim: Evan Peters | TAKEN

"Yeah, Lucy, you should be good at this. You have the perfect mouth for it."

Schroeder used to be a normal kid. He liked baseball, hung out with friends, just a normal, happy kid. At least that was what everyone thought. He was very good at hiding his emotions, and in a way, that was his downfall. Molested. One of the worst words you can hear, and worse when people are saying it about you. You see, Schroeder’s father was not a nice man. he drink, smoked, and abused both his wife and young son. Even after his father was taken away, things didn’t get better. Hoarding all of those emotions inside, it ate away at him. After his mother had left an article on Beethoven on a coffee table, Schroeder became obsessed. He told his mother he wanted to play piano, and play he did. he rarely came out of his room, except to go to school. His mother tolerated it though, saying it was just a phase, it had to be. After a while, he gradually stopped playing so frequently, and started hanging out with his peers. It seemed like his was fine. Then his father was released from prison. When his father tried to visit the family, whither it was to apologize, or hurt them more, things went horrible wrong. No one knows exactly what happened next, not even Schroeder himself; but when Mrs. Jameson came home, she found her ex-husband dead on the floor, and her son in his room, playing the piano with bloodstained fingers.

Life in St. Britten’s is fine with Schroeder. He still doesn’t remember what he did, and so doesn’t regret it. He doesn’t even know his father is dead yet. As his room contains a piano, per request of his mother, he’s fairly comfortable here. His is friends with a handful of people. He isn’t really attracted to anyone at the moment, but know that Lucy is interested in. Truthfully, he really doesn’t care about her.

Preferred Ships: Open


Brooklyn Wyatt | 14 years old | Emotional Detachment, Schizoid Personality Disorder | Face claim: Brooke Hyland | TAKEN

"I don’t really get excited about much."

Brooklyn, at first glance, is a normal teenager. Maybe a little too devoted to dance, but normal. Except, she’s not. When she was young, Brooklyn was diagnosed with Emotional Detachment, something that made it had for her to show emotions, but her family saw no reason to send her away, and mearly tried to fix it by signing her up for dance, hoping it would allow her to socialize, and that the stage would bring forth emotions from her. That plan back-fired. Instead of becoming more social, Brooklyn developed schizoid personality disorder, which made it hard for her to connect emotional to anyone, and make any sort of lasting relationship with others. Her parents sent her to St. Brittin’s when they finally realized that they couldn’t help her themselves.

Brooklyn, like most things, feel pretty neutral about St. Brittin’s. She likes watching the different personalities mix and conflict, though she rarely takes part in it herself. She does realize that she has problems, and wants to get better.

Preferred Ships: Open


Emilia ‘Emmi’ Klassing | 6 years old | Selective Mutism, Social Phobia, Attachment Disorders | Face Claim: Dakota Fanning (Young) | TAKEN

"Other people always let you down."

Emilia had never been the most social girl. She clung to her mother and father anytime she was confronted with others and refused to speak to anyone but them. She struggled in school, as she couldn’t ask questions when she needed to, and she was often picked on by other children because she refused to talk or interact. It didn’t seem to horrible, Emmi was still happy and talkative at home, and that was what mattered to her parents. On her fifth birthday, however, as her parents were driving her to the zoo, they were in a car accident. Emmi was the only survivor. She was sent to live with three different families, and when she never said a word to any of them, she sent by Child Survices to St. Britten’s.

Here, she spends most of her time terrified of the others. She carries a worn sketch around, and occasionally scribbles down grammatically incorrect sentences for others to read when she really wants something.

Preferred Ships: No Ships.


Cary Scott-Browning | 14 years old | Pyromaniac, ADHD, aspects of sociopathy |Face claim: Ryan Lee | TAKEN

"Guys, it’s okay. I found my fireworks."

Cary never had the best home life. His father left when he was 6, and the young boy was given the choice to either live with his father, or his mother. As his father had never supported his obsession with firework and other pyrotechnics, he’d chosen to live with his mother. Wrong choice. When he was eight, his mother remarried to a man who could support them, and for a short time everything was good. While his step-father also didn’t support his pryomania, he never punished him for, expecting him to grow out of it shortly. Then his step-father died in a car crash, wrecking his mother mentally. Cary was twelve when the endless stream of dead-beat, drunk men stumbled into his life. A few days before his fourteenth birthday, Cary burned the small house he and his mother had been living in, ending his mother’s and the man she was with’s, lives.

Now that he’s at the Institution, Cary’s calmed down a lot. He’s still very energetic and outgoing, and is almost never seen without one of the members of his group of friends. he wont talk about his past, but doesn’t regret doing what he did. Though the Institution claimed all his fireworks before he arrived, he managed to keep his beloved lighter during each inspection.

Preferred Ships: Cary/Joe, Cary/Preston, Open to others


Elisa Chase | 17 years old | Antisocial personality disorder, Agoraphobia | Face claim: Emma Watson | TAKEN

Raise your hand if you—like being weird.

Elisa was raised in a conservative high class family in Manhattan, New York. The middle child of three, she was, on several different occasions, ignored by her mother and father. Still, she achieved things easily and excelled in school, taking a special interest in biology and English literature. Starting ballet at the tender age of two and a half, Elisa was well on her way to becoming a Broadway ballerina; and from the age of twelve till her enrollment into St. Britten’s, she danced at the Manhattan Ballet Academy at a professional level. Elisa found comfort and warmth on stage where she never felt it at home. She was constantly let down, winning scholarly awards at school, or having recitals, and her parents would always be too busy with her younger brother or older sister to notice her or even show up. It effected Elisa greatly; and her parents, amongst being bullied at school for being rather intelligent, were two of the reasons she soon developed an antisocial personality disorder. By the time she reached high school, even the smallest bit of communication with anyone would make Elisa anxious, and she quickly focused all her energy on schoolwork and ballet. When one of her ballet instructors found Elisa in the bathroom, yelling at herself alone in the bathroom stall and crying because she’d messed up a part of the routine; the teacher contacted her parents, who quickly dropped her off at St. Britten’s.

At St. Britten’s, Elisa keeps to herself. If she’s forced to interact in group therapy sessions or cafeteria conversations, she does, but her anxiety level increases and she tends to just come off as awkward and weird. She knows there is a dance studio at St. Britten’s, but fears to go it in, because if she messes up and someone sees, she’ll be mortified. Although there isn’t much to do in the library, she enjoys it for the peace and quiet, and of course the books.


 Logan Middleton | 6 years old |  Antisocial personality disorder, Communication disorder, PTSD, Stuttering  | Face claim: Gavin Russell | TAKEN


Logan had always been surrounded by death. The first twin, Logan was born on a hot Summer day at mid-afternoon, and only minutes later his mother gave birth to his still born twin brother. One baby alive, and the other born dead, Logan was always considered both a miracle and a burden to his parents. Knowing that it wasn’t his fault, Logan’s parents always tried to make up for their sadness and discomfort by buying Logan whatever he wanted. They bought Logan a puppy for his fifth birthday, but only a few weeks later, the puppy was dead. It seemed like everything surrounded by Logan would somehow crumble and die. His parents wanted to believe it was only a coincidence, but they couldn’t, and soon they started to alienate their young son. Logan developed an antisocial behavioral disorder from never attending day care of any sorts, and after not socializing with his parents, or anyone, for days or even weeks at a time, he developed communication set backs as well. When he did talk to others, Logan would stutter horribly, and eventually just fade out of the conversations. He was a young boy, unable to express his emotions; and that’s ultimately how he landed in St. Britten’s. After both Logan’s parents were found poisoned and murdered in their home, Logan was brought into the police station for investigation. The little antisocial, stuttering, six year old couldn’t express his innocence, and instead of charging him for two counts of murder, he was sent to St. Britten’s.

At St. Britten’s, Logan is focusing hard on trying to build communication skills which he never learned. He doesn’t interact with the older patients, because they are all scared of him and the stories of death that seem to always be following in his shadow; but the younger children don’t seem to mind shy Logan at all. Logan has formed a silent but close bond with Aiden as well as Callie, and he also enjoys listening to Honor sing. Nobody knows if six year old Logan is actually a minuature pyschopath, or just a victim of horrible coincidences; and he’s constantly the object of fascination to both doctors and nurses at St. Britten’s.

Preferred Ships: No Ships.


Palani Sheridan | 18 years old | Schizophrenic, OCD, Manipulator | Face Claim: Zayn Malik | OPEN

I never had the words to say, but now I’m asking you to say, just a little while longer in my arms.

Palani manipulated his way through life. Even at a young age, Palani found he could get anything he wanted through his looks and witty personality. As the youngest of four children, he was often babied by his parents and always stayed extremely charitable in their hearts. As he grew older, classmates noticed his meticulous ways of doing things, and soon started to ignore him. Palani was diagnosed with OCD, a disorder that he’d seen consume his mothers life. He would spend countless hours cleaning himself and his room, wanting everything to be, “perfect, perfect, perfect.” Without many friends present, Palani started to create them. In his head, Palani had a world full of beautiful women, spectacular places and people who only worshipped him. But at thirteen, Palani’s mother took her own life due to never being god enough, effects of her OCD, and ultimately scarred Palani beyond repair. He started to manipulate his widowed father and older siblings into giving him money, and soon Palani started to dabble into the world of cocaine, and alcohol. The voices in his head, and OCD became too much to handle with his addiction, and his father quickly placed him into the care of St. Britten’s.

At St. Brittens, Palani finds great interest in the female patients. After being slowly relieved from his cocaine addiction, women were his next target. He uses his good looks; black hair, shadowy eyes, and great sense of style to capture them, and his manipulative personality to make him his for one night. None of the nurses know about his fiending sexual desires or sensuous personality, and that only fuels him further. Danger makes the voices in Palani’s mind go wild. And he loves every moment of it.

(Character Credit)


Alice Dainard | 14 years old | Sociopath, Minor Bi-Polarity |Face claim: Elle Fanning | TAKEN

"I can feel myself wreaking and ruining, but I just can’t stop."

Alice never had a good family life. Her mother walked out on her when she was five, leaving her father a broken, drunken mess. He alternated between being incredibly protective, and not giving a shit about her. It wasn’t until she was 12 that the real problems started. As she matured, she became the spitting image of her mother, and it set her father off. For nearly a year and a half, she endured physical abuse, emotional neglect, and never being able to leave her house. Finally, one of the more severe police visits involved her father being taken away, and she was found by child service workers. Many times they tried to settle her into a foster family, but her social anxiety and need for self-preservation never allowed her to fit in. Eventually she was sent to the institution as a last resort.

Now that she’s at the institution, Alice has finally managed to find a small group of friend she actually can trust and can somewhat control her symptoms around. Being the only girl in their group has made her more headstrong and self-confident, but has also made her more aware of her surrounding. She knows that a few of her friends like her, but for the time being she doesn’t really feel close to any of them in particular.

*Preferred Ships: Alice/Joe, Alice/Cary, Alice/Charles, any others.


Aina Kurukato | 18 years old | Depression, Ekbom Syndrome | Face Claim: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu | TAKEN

Aina, born in Osaka, Japan, was only six when her mother began selling her body. Unfortunately, the two lived in a rather small apartment, and having Aina go outside during buisness would only raise the neighbor’s suspicion. So, Ms. Kurukato would have Aina stand quietly in the bathroom while she saw clients. The young girl watched in horror as her mother pleasured all sorts of scum bags. At age 13, she was urged to join in on the family business. She began seeing a few clients herself, and eventually, more men required her services than her mother’s. With her workload increasing, she found that the only way to stay calm was to leave her body. She would shut her eyes tightly and watch from above the activities that her body preformed. After a while, she began to leave her head constantly, to the point that her life appeared to be a movie. Once, while servicing a business man, she decided not to go back to what others called reality. After attempting futilely to rouse her from her daze, the client ran to her mother demanding a refund. When Aina finally came to, she told her mother that she could feel bugs under her skin, and tried to pull them out with her nails. It was then that Ms.Kurukato realised how disturbed her daughter really was, and sent her to the best head hospital the internet showed her. After nearly a day on a plane, she was in the custody of St.Britten’s staffers.

Aina wants nothing to do with St.Britten’s. She barely speaks English, and doesn’t really trust many people, particularly men. She still leaves her mind as often as possible, and the medication can’t seem to make the bugs leave. She hasn’t spoken to her mother in over a month.

Preferred Ships: None


Alison Kindyl | 15 years old | Schizophrenia, Abuse Survivior, Suicidal | Face Claim: Evanna Lynch | TAKEN

Alison, for the first five years of her life, was a content, happy little girl. Her family was perfect, at least, it seemed so. her first day of school, she started to notice things were different between her family and others. Where most parents would pick up their children from kindergarten personally, Ali’s sent a big black car with a strange man in the front seat.  Everyday, without fail, when Ali got home, she would sit with her nanny and watch her favorite movie; Alice in Wonderland. By the time she entered third grade, Alison knew that see didn’t have the same life as other for sure. Her family had a lot more money, and a lot less affection. It didn’t really bother her, not until her parents just stopped talking to her entirely. At that young an age, and with no other coping method, Ali escaped to her own fantasy world, based off the Movie she knew and loved. Her driver and Nanny, at this point basically her only caretakers, became worried about the a girl, but had no way to do anything. On her fifteenth birthday, about a week after her past had finally made sense in her mind, Alison Kindyl downed a full bottle of pain-killers, chasing it down with vodka found in her father’s abandoned study. She was already unconscious when her nanny found her. After having her stomach pumped and the doctor’s made sure her vitals were all fine, her driver loaded her back into that same big, black car that took her home her first day of school, and took her to The Institution.

Now, at St. Britten’s, Ali friends from Wonderland stay with her, The Mad Hatter, March Hare, White Rabbit, and the Tweedles, all protecting her. There is always the ocasional slip, and her worst fear, the Red Queen, visits her. These are the times when Ali tries to run, to get away from this place, because that’s when she remembers everything. And past scares her more than anything else.

Preferred Ships: Open


Alaska St. George | 15 years old | Anorexia, Perfectionism | Face Claim: Chloe Moretz | TAKEN

Alaska was born and raised in New York City, New York. Her parents knew from the beginning that Alaska was different. From the way she held herself to the way she talked. Alaska was a very formal child, always speaking in the correct way. When her parents encouraged her to go out and play with the neighborhood children she insisted she couldn’t because needed to organize her closet. Her mother was a professional Broadway dancer and her father was a casting agent. Show business was in her blood and she was born to dance, as her mother put it. When she turned two her mother submitted her to New York City’s finest dance school. She would spend her days in dancewear and ballet shoes while all of the other children were out eating ice cream and playing with their friends. Her mother controlled every aspect of her life, down to what she wore and who she hung out with. This is why she decided she would take control over the only thing she knew she could, eating. It started out small, missing a few meals here…skipping a few there. But it quickly turned into something much worse. Her parents began to take note and try to make her eat more. Alaska soon became the top dancer in her class, getting all of the solo’s and private lessons her school provided. She hated that her parents wanted to change her back to what she used to be. So she refused to eat and her parents sent her to St.Brittens for what they call ‘recovery’.


Nathaniel (Natt) Cooper | 17 years old | Schizophrenia/Hallucinations, Suicidal, PTSD, Depression | Face Claim: Dylan O’Brien | TAKEN

When describing Nathaniel Cooper’s (or as everyone calls him, Natt’s) life, one could say he had the perfect life. And he did. His family was the most loving family anyone could have ever gotten to know. He grew up in an extended family home, mother, father, sister and grandparents in Binghamton, New York. Unlike most siblings in the world, Natt and his 6 year old sister, Mary-Ann, always got along and never fought. They just grew up in a household where fighting with one another wasn’t something you did, but loving one another more than your life was. At school, everybody loved him and knew who he was. He had great grades and was friendly to everyone. He grew up playing baseball, just like his father, and even though it wasn’t his choice to start playing, he loved it. When he wasn’t in school or playing baseball or out with friends, he’s in his room playing his guitar, drawing, taking a photo of something, or spending time with little Mary-Ann. His 16th birthday came and was happily celebrated in New York City. On the way back from celebrating in the car with his family, he remembered letting Mary-Ann sit on his lap to let his grandparents have the two other seats. He remembered buzzing with happiness. It was dark outside, you could hardly see. In front of them, there was a drunk driver who was on the wrong lane. He was coming their way, but his father didn’t notice until he was a couple of meters in front of them. That’s when both cars hit one another, changing Natt’s life completely. Natt was the only member of his family who survived the crash. After waking from a month coma, he learned he suffered from a few broken ribs and a broken leg. The doctor told him that he was the only one to survive because his sister’s body shielded him from any further damage. Natt did not react well, he began to scream and wish he were dead instead of her. Natt developed schizophrenia, the voices he heard constantly reminded him of how he should be dead instead of Mary-Ann. Told him he didn’t deserve to live. The next year after constantly being moved into different foster homes, on his birthday he attempted to kill himself, he failed to do so getting caught and was sent to St. Brittens.

Preferred Ships: None


Alexandria Smalls | 15 years old | Stutter, PTSD, Sexual Abuse | Face Claim: Ciara Bravo | TAKEN

Alexandria had the perfect life growing up. She was raised by the perfect parents and she had an awesome older brother. She was the apple of her moms eye especially after her dad died in the war. Her brother had done a lot to put food on the table. Then of course her whole life changed when she started middle school. Her 6th grade teacher started to touch her after class and it got to the point where she was terrified to even go to his class. It was around this time when she started to develop a stutter and it never stopped. The stutter or the abuse.

Then Alex thought it was all back to normal for her. Her brother had said he would talk to him and get it stop and stop it did… Well for a few months anyways. After a couple of months he started to call her after class and do the same thing then one day she told her older brother and that night someone had broken into her house. When she woke up the windows were shattered and police were telling her she needed to find someone to live with. No one had ever told her what happened but she knew what happened. She hasn’t been the same since her mom and brother were killed in cold blood.

Preferred Ships: Alex/Linus, Alex/Charlie, Alex/Tucker, Alex/Any


Jovi Velez | 16 years old | Depression, Self Harm | Face claim: Jasmine Villegas | TAKEN

All her life, Jovi has done nothing but please her mom. She did everything she said. Everything. Her mom put her in pageants when she was younger, signed her up for dance and singing classes. It’s not that she didn’t enjoy them, it just wasn’t what she wanted to do. As she got older and older, it became a bit more… forceful, the things her mother made her do. Her mother forced her on older guys for money, because their family was broke, signed her up to be a bikini model at the age of fourteen. It just wasn’t the life she wanted. Her mother wouldn’t even let her have a boyfriend that wasn’t older then her by three years, or even go out to parties with friends. She had no social life what so ever. The parties she went to served alcohol and she always landed up hooking up with someone because her mother wished so. Her mother was sick, to say the least. Sex and alcohol was pretty much all she knew, besides dancing and singing. Two years later, she started to grow tired. Tired of all the things her mother had put her through and made her do that she slowly became depressed and started self-harming herself.