Occupy the Farm still standing: The police line still stands, but there is thankfully still no violent confrontation, and no arrests have been made. A march will take place at 6:30pm May 10 from the North Berkeley Bart station. Photo by @greendoula

Ulan McKnight, an Albany parent, member of the Gill Tract Farmers Collective, and co-founder of the Albany Farm Alliance, which supports the occupation, said, “We are absolutely appalled that the UC decided to ratchet up the conflict by threatening to use chemical weapons. Everything we’ve done has been peaceful and non-confrontational. Everything we’ve said we’d do, we’ve done. We’ve taken every opportunity for dialogue. Yet they want to make this into a police action. There’s no need for that. We’re farmers, and we’re here to plant.”

This awesome write-up has an interview with UC Berkeley Professor Miguel Altieri, who has the oddly controversial position “that his research can be carried out not only in the presence of the occupiers, but with their assistance”.