Swimming at the Beach | Tai and Lacey

Lacey was a genuine nervous wreck by the time she reached the shores of the beach that was very near Beauxbatons. She kept glancing back over her shoulder every 20 or 30 seconds just to make sure that there wasn’t a professor or a school owl or another student around. She’d never been out after curfew before, let along sneaking down to the beach to meet someone. That was just outrageous. That was something that people who wanted to be cashiers did. That’s not something that people who wanted to Aurors did, right?

Lacey, that wasn’t nice.She mentally scolded herself for thinking something like that. People were people. Maybe sometimes her obsession with being an Auror really was a bit much. She just wanted to make her parents proud… wherever they are. She turned quickly when she heard a noise behind her. A small sand crab crawled across a leaf. She sighed with relief.

At least she had enough sense to go grab a bathing suit before walking down here. She currently had a big towel draped around her for modesty’s sake. She almost felt guilty for not being in her room studying right now. Almost as if she were cheating on her precious books. She had all of her homework done, there was no big assignment she had coming up. Still, she should be using this time to do some extra reading or research more defensive spells. She was thoroughly torn.

That was, until she saw the shoreline. She smiled as the water washed up onto the sand of the beach. Maybe a night off wasn’t so bad after all. Off in the distance, she could see a figure (whom she assumed was Tai). She walked at a steady pace, not wanting to run or yell and alert anyone to their presence. She was very paranoid.