Gas explosion in Taiwan

The 12,000 people who fled in fear of more gas pipeline explosions in Taiwan’s second-largest city returned to their homes Friday after authorities said there was no more risk of blasts like the series that ripped apart streets overnight, killing 26 people and injuring 267.

Most of the four ruptured street sections in the densely populated district of Kaohsiung had been declared safe from further explosions by afternoon, a city spokesman said. A fire in a 10-meter (yard) -long section that burned through the night had also been put out.

Five explosions ripped through four streets starting around midnight Thursday, catapulting cars into the air and blasting cement rubble at passers-by, many of whom were out late because of a nearby night market. (AP)

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Antico Forno
台北市大安區瑞安街141號, Taipei, Taiwan

Yesterday, I revisited Antico Forno. The owner is a friend of a friend. The restaurant is near Daan park and next to The Diner. The last two photos are from the last time I was there. Definitely some of the better pizza I’ve had in Taipei. Their menu is pretty concise. They have great desserts too. Everything seems fresh and the pizzas are prepared and cooked right in the front of the restaurant.

Yesterday, I asked the owner how he became interested in Italian food. He said that a friend of his, an older Italian man who lives in Taipei, taught him everything he knows. He studied under him for a few years before deciding to open his own restaurant. He said that he not only loves the flavors in Italian cooking, but he also admires their culture around eating and how they interact with food in a slower and more deliberate way. I thought that was a good answer especially since Taipei life can be pretty crazy and often meals are prepared and eaten very quickly.