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Pictures from Taiwan, eating everything edition. 

Food in Taipei is NOT A JOKE. Everyone knows a noodle place in an alley or a bakery in a train station that will be the best thing ever. I know I am lucky to live in a great food city, but in Taipei, there are flavors that can’t be even be found in the farthest corners of Flushing, Queens. 

Sure, there’s the duck blood / stinky tofu / preserved egg / weirdness quality. But there’s also this heightened element of texture. Like how donuts can be QQ (bouncy) like a perfect udon noodle, or how thickened soup can suspend bamboo shoots, or when the crispness from your bread-on-bread breakfast sandwich comes from both charcoal-baked sesame cakes and fried crullers. Seafood is going to taste amazing, everywhere. I’d never had a sugar-apple until this trip (it was weird, but I’m on board). The defining feature of many fruits seems to be juiciness or crispness rather than sweetness, but grape tomatoes are like candy. You can have an insane meal for under $3 USD, and there’s going to be goji berries floating in your hot pot. Sweetness and ice levels in all beverages can be customized. KFC somehow has the best egg tarts? I don’t even know. 

I’m jealous of everyone eating everything in Taipei, right now and ever. 


Mandarin Oriental, Taipei - Taiwan

With its outstanding design, world-class facilities, and premiere location on Dunhua North Road, there’s no mistake in saying that Mandarin Oriental, Taipei is the most luxurious hotel in town. Decorated in a startling mix of contemporary and classical styles, its spacious rooms come with exquisite marble bathrooms and state-of-the-art technology features, while the sophisticated suites soar to new heights of luxury with private saunas and gym rooms. Envisioned by celebrated design firm Yabu Pushelberg, the spa offers fabulous water facilities along with a wide range of holistic therapies. The hotel’s six dining venues include three gourmet restaurants, a hip cake shop, and a stylish tea lounge.