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you don’t need to lose weight

 taintedbird replied to your postUh, so I set up my weight loss blog. If you’re…

could you give me the link? not that you need to lose weight but recipes are nice

GUYS if i give you the link and you see the weight i have posted on there you will seriously reconsider your statements!!!!!!!!

jasontoopcooper-deactivated2012 asked:

the damnenenmenemnemnemneed

favourite song: twisted nerveeee
least favourite song: no
have i ever seen them live: no but sOON
favourite band member: davey and patricia and captain sensible and rat scabies ya ok
merch i own: only a few records
favourite album: damned damned damned/the black album

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they’ve changed it all now so you start gcses in year 9 :o

I am Scottish this means nothing to me. :o
Scotland and England have different education systems so I guess it would be different.