All these people calling Nicki Minaj out for “cultural appropriation” of the headdress without doing proper research & seeing that she’s Trinidadian and wearing a Carnival headdress that symbolises the country’s and caribbean’s indigenous culture & ancestry but said absolutely nothing when Lana Del Rey did it in the Ride music video.

Anonymous Q: Are there still indians in the Dominican Republic? If yes, do they speak a language other than Spanish?  

i’m glad you asked this question becuz i’m taking two classes - Women in the Caribbean and Dominican Identity — that have discussed this question in great detail. By Indians i assume you mean the indigenous of Quisqueya/Hayti (Hispaniola), or more specifically, the Arawak, Caribs, and Tainos.

Denise Oliver Velez of my WITC class is a cultural anthopologist and is convinced that Tainos are extinct. how she came to that conclusion i am still not clear on. Ligia Aldana, an Afro Colombiana for my DR ID class, gives Taino survival more benefit of the doubt through cultural transcendence and inter generational transmission.

this question is a hot topic among cultural academics. if you google “myth of taino extinction you’ll find some good links. i picked out two articles that demonstrate both sides of the debate: pro-Taino survival vs. pro-Taino extinction. also if you youtube taino’ there are videos that touch on this subject, especially this documentary Lost History: Rediscovering the Taíno People.

also these videos:

Beyond Extinction: Consciousness of Taíno and Caribbean Indigeneity

Taino Indians Counted Out Of Existence

there also exists a United Confederation of Taino People (UCTP) that claims a Taino identity. i still have to do some more research to reach a conclusion, but i lean toward pro-survival.

*update* in terms of language, i’m not sure. but i do know that Taino language is alive in Dominican Spanish. for example, any words or names of places with -gua- (guagua-bus, aguacate-avocado, etc) are influenced by Taino language. huracan (hurricane) is also a Taino word.

image source

Juracán  playing the mayohuacan.


The English word ‘hurricane’ came from the Spanish explorers who carved up the New World for themselves in the 16th and 17th centuries.

However, the Spanish word it is derived from ‘Juracan’ is not of European origin.

Spaniard invaders in the Caribbean picked up the word from Taino, a language spoken by the Arawak, the indigenous people of the region.

 ‘Juracan’ is the Taino word for ‘Hurricane.’


Lost History: Rediscovering the Taíno People Part 1 

part 2

I’m like learning some shit about my culture and we actually influenced so many English words like wow and I was always told in school how our indigenous people were useless they were fucking wrong

Preliminary sketch for The Taino Girl, a self portrait. IB Art 2011. It’s based on my cultural background (I’m Dominican but the aboriginals were called Taino Indians) and I sort of love the idea of face paint and tribal feathers.
My mom thought there was too much boob in the picture. Oh no, modest nudity. For shame!

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the only downer about ireland legalizing newer drugs and banning heterosexuals for one day is that, apparently the reason for that is that all the laws are written in irish and not everyone of their parliament (lawmakers??? tbh all their law people/heirarchies have irish names and theyre confusing…like their leader is called taoiseach…those letters in that order do not compute in my mind) (romantic languages only tbh) speaks/is fluent in irish?? and thats horribly depressing bc the percentage of native irish speakers is so low and thats thanks to fuckin british imperialism and yeah….theyre fuckin up their shit bc they dont even know their own language.

I lose track of great internet resources all the time

sooo I’m thinking about (and by thinking I mean to say I created) a side blog (I know I’m terrible at them, but it’s) to track some reliable (or what I feel are reliable) sources about Taino language and culture. At the moment there is nothing on it, but it’s password protected. 

Reason it’s password protected is- I don’t want to be a cultural authority nor do I believe culture is something that is strict and unforgiving and hidden. SO I don’t want to promote the idea of a single way of existing. But I wanna learn and participate and DO things. So blogging seems like a good starting place to jot it down and reflect on it. Basically a Taíno space. For to connect, share and learn and just celebrate us because we are so wonderful. Yeah… I’mma do that.

Frauds feel invalidated as they claim that "so much" of PR culture is "Taino", but simultaneously say they and PRicans have been stripped of it: proving they certainly have no knowledge of one and likely of neither.

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