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Not gonna lie Mina, when I first came across your blog accidentally about a year ago it was the first introduction I had to feminism. I scoffed at everything - your posts, opinions, even YOU (the way you dressed, your makeup, etc.) I just thought you were this complete man hating girl who dressed oddly. And then I realized that my moral values were changing. I started visiting your blog more often. It absolutely intrigued me. I started to think twice about things. (typing more)

I would look at somebody wearing something I would never wear and think something mean, and then think ‘hold on, that’s fucking rude.’ I started to research feminism. It wasn’t the hate group I’d been socialized into thinking it was. I decided to stop being a cunt to people, to be more accepting. Someone would point and say ‘hey look at that person’ and snigger, and I would say blankly ‘what about them? So what? That hair color makes them happy, why are you being such a little shit?’ (more)

(last one I promise) And it’s actually all because of you Mina, I’m so fucking glad for your blog and all the other blogs like yours that changed my shitty way of thinking. So thank you. You’re a really wonderful person and I want you to know that you’re doing some good in this world. You spread positivity and you’ve inspired positive changes (I’m one of them) and I wish more people were like you. Thank you, thank you, thank you x1000.

 I-I’m utterly speechless. I can’t even begin to describe how much I really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to write something really lovely and encouraging like this. Thank you so so so much. It really means a lot to me ♡♡♡

@tomqueens: Why? Cause they loving the crew, they loving the crew!

"Ever been so depressed it felt as if every nerve ending in your body was exposed, red, and raw?"

"What do ya wanna do Carmela? You wanna move to Utah? Be Mr. and Mrs. Mike Smith? We…we can sell some Indian relics by the road. [..] Maybe start a rattlesnake ranch. Have some Mormons over the dinner. Eat some tomatoes that have no taste.”
"You know what I want Tony? I want those kids to have a father."
"They got one. This one. Me. Tony Soprano. And all that comes with it."

tv meme; 3/5 shows: the sopranos

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Hi! So I have this prompt stuck in my head and was wondering if you wouldn't mind filling? Gail meets Jerry in the realm between life and death,they discuss things about how she still felt guilty about his sacrifice,and telling him what's been going on in her life (e.g meeting Holly) and Jerry's reassuring her that he feels no remorse about his actions and tells Gail to live her life and to tell Traci he said hi. It's a bit heavy I know, It's totally okay if you don't feel like writing it :)

Hmm. Interesting. I’m always up for something a little supernatural, makes things fun. Warning: this does deal a little with the violence and blood and terror that was episode 3:9 so if you don’t like that please please don’t read this.

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Hey guys! I really need some portrait drawing experience right now, so I’ve decided to do 5 A3 portrait requests completely free since you guys are always full of nice ideas!

What I'm looking for:
  • any detailed facial photo, preferably a famous person
  • I don’t mind doing coloured pencil, lead pencil or monochrome - whichever you want!
  • Harry potter/merlin/avengers cast would be good if you’re short on ideas, but tbh I really don’t mind as long as they are a cool person with an interesting dynamic face!
How to enter:
  • Submit me the image or message me a link
  • You can submit as many entries as you want, but I’ll only choose one request per person to keep it fair
  • you don’t have to follow me or my art blog, but it would be nice!
  • Please reblog this post though!
  • Submissions close on Wednesday October 1st! I will then choose my 5 favourite pictures - The choice will be based on which I think will make the nicest drawing & test myself the most! I will then draw one per week until I have all 5 done :)

I’m sorry I won’t be able to complete every single one, but this is still a good opportunity if you don’t want to pay for a commission, so it can’t hurt to enter!! I’m definitely up for a wide variety of people, so you all have a good chance of having your person chosen even if I’m not a fan of them!!

underneath my tongue rests a country without a name
it is a land of dust and salt and blood
and it stings my lips as i swallow it back
underneath my tongue rests a country without borders
to the north is my mothers people and to the east the desert
to the south my fathers and the west the sea
underneath my tongue rests a country forgotten
none of the books will tell you of us
none of the historians will mention us
underneath my tongue is a burning ice cube
it bites away the heat of my mouth
and leaves cool everywhere

this land demands i know it
i remember it
i keep it with me, everywhere i go
carry it on my back across the borders it does not know
and yet it will never be
it is a land of loss and it melts into lands of the other
it rests in the hands of greedy men, gold in their minds, sweat on their backs, blood underneath their nails
but i am a foolish woman
and i claw at the land, raise its skin
until it bears me the sweetness of it’s red blood
and cry when it does not heal

—  What Cannot Be Taken Back