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My apologies for not replying to any asks, and for my lack of presense this week. My roommate and I have been busy fucking shit up all week. Literally… My hair, and hers are fucked up, but oh well. We decorated for the halloween party tomorrow night, and today I’ve just got a long ass day/night to endure so I can party tomorrow. Shit’s about to go down at the Castle on Halloween, and I can’t fucking wait!! 

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-Last Beverage: Lipton tea with ‘pure’ winter honey and a packet of sugar
-Last phone call: My dad
Last text message: A friend asking me where I was.
Last song you listened to: ‘Booty’parody by Bart Baker
Last time you cried: On Monday or Tuesday. It was because of a manga


-Dated someone twice: No (just to note: anything about being in a relationship is most likely a ‘no’)
Been cheated on: No

-Kissed someone and regretted it: Never kissed someone before so no
-Lost someone special: My uncle.

-Been depressed: No, actually. I know people who are depressed and tried helping them through it but I can’t really talk from experience.
-Been drunk and threw up: No, I can’t even drink yet.

LIST THREE FAVORITE COLORS || Alice blue, Royal Blue, Coal Black

Last year, have you ||

-Made a new friend: No.
-Fallen out of love: No..
-Laughed until you cried: Never have…

-Met someone who changed you: No….

-Found out who your true friends are: Kinda, yeah (?)
Found out someone was talking about you: Yes, everybody’s always talking about me and not in the good way.
-Kissed anyone on your FB friends list: No…


-How many people on your FB friends list do you know in real life: All of them cause I don’t add random people
First surgery: I probably had a lisp when I was young and my parents thought I had a speech problem. It was something about a speech problem.
-First piercing: My ears but I don’t wear earings now because I had a minor ear infection after that for a few months.
-First best friend: A girl I had met in kindergarden, I don’t really talk to her now because her parents don’t like me.
-First sport you joined: Either swimming or netball.
-First vacation: I think it was a tour around Malacca with my family- at least that’s what my parents told me. Maybe it was to KL or something.
-First pair of trainers: I have no idea what those are.

Right Now ||

-Eating: Chips More Hazelnut chocolate chip cookies.
-Drinking: Lipton tea with pure winter honey and sugar.
-I’m about to: finish writing a lot of stuff.

-Listening to: Stephen and Mal:: Desperate Escape #3- “Suplex!”

-Waiting for: Sleep.


-Want kids: We’ll see
-Get married: To the right one, yeah.
-Career: If possible, a blogger. If not, an author or an editor.

 || (choices, yay…)
-Lips or eyes: Eyes.
-Hugs or Kisses: Hugs.
-Shorter or Taller: Taller. I feel like guys who are shorter are more like a brother than someone I would consider a boyfriend- which sounds unfair to be honest.

-Older or younger: Older.
-Romantic or Spontaneous: Romantic. I’m a sap.
-Nice stomach or nice arms: I don’t really care.
-Sensitive or Loud: Sensitive
-Hook-up or relationship: Relationship

-Trouble maker or hesitant: Hesitant; I hate getting into trouble because it’s work you could’ve avoided.

Kissed a stranger: Not daring enough, nope.
-Drank hard liquor: I’m underaged, I can’t drink yet!
-Lost glasses/contacts: A lot of times…
-Sex on first date: No way in hell.
-Broke someones heart: Maybe?
Been Arrested: Almost, for something I didn’t so.
-Turned someone down: Accidentally. The sad thing is that he was someone I was interested in and I accidentally friend-zoned him. He never talked to me after that and now every time Teacher’s Day comes around, I try to find him in school. ,_,
-Cried when someone died: No, actually…
-Fallen for a friend: Yes, that guy was my friend.


-Yourself: Eh, more or less.
-Miracles: No.
-Love at first sight: No. Infactuation on first sight? Yeah.
-Heaven: No.
-Santa Claus: As childish as it is, it doesn’t hurt.
Kiss on the first date: No

-Angels: Not really.

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aessedaiserenity said:

why are you so done with ASOIAF? (I haven't read it yet)

I just don’t enjoy the feeling that nobody is ever safe, that nobody ever has true, loyal allies or friends that aren’t going to stab them in the back or die themselves, that everything that can go wrong must go wrong because otherwise it’s not ~gritty realism~ enough or whatever. When I start expecting a character’s death from the moment I see myself growing attached to them, there’s not much to enjoy.

I liked ASOIAF enough that I read the first books (by which I mean before ADWD; all that was published at the time I first read them) very quickly, and then came back for more when ADWD was finally out. I enjoyed the politics and the power dynamics — that kind of stuff is so my cup of tea — and I wanted to keep liking the series but GRRM makes it difficult for me.

Which, you know, fair enough. He writes the kind of series he wants, and I don’t have to read it. (That said I probably will get the next book whenever it comes out, if it ever does, just because there are still a couple of characters I give half a fuck about. But that’s a problem for when, if ever, the book drops.)