Eu cansei. Dessa coisa de sentir saudade, de querer, de lutar contra a maré, de tentar entender, de buscar significados, de concordar, de motivar, de opinar, de prejudicar, de ouvir e até de falar. Eu já aprendi, que nada importa.
—  L.O.

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here is how MY march went
  • music i have been listening to
  • i wrote some things

    • there’s this illithid thing that’s honestly kind of generic, or at least generic wrt furry tropes. ah yes a malicious scheming mastermind who goes around transforming other people to please his sexual whims all w/o the knowledge or consent of whoever else. yeah this isn’t a collection of bad tf cliches at all!!

      but the actual story is nearly entirely abt self-experimentation so that’s something at least. it’s also more-or-less entirely ripped off from some other shitty porn i read once w/ a similar concept only it was m/f and also much worse. i think there was a sexy drow w/ the illithid also.

      anyway i’m kind of considering selling it as an ebook but like: do i really want to make money off this?? PROBABLY I WILL HAVE TO. CAPITALISM.

    • also i wrote a thing i’ve been describing as “post-apocalyptic / about a dumb flunky who is slavishly devoted to his gigantic supermutant boss, and then they have a lot of really explicit and painful-sounding sex”. it’s like 11k words? anyway it needs some editing esp. the opening and the ending (the narrative arc is pretty wobbly, notably b/c it doesn’t really… go anywhere. lots of stuff happens and then it ends.) but w/e.
    • also a bunch of other stuff. oh so the other goal with march was “write a story every day” kind of to get myself in the groove of just… not everything has to be perfect, not everything can be perfect, sometimes you just have to call it a day and finish a thing.

      this, uh, failed dramatically. i wrote like ten things? and then just kept writing them throughout the month. which was very productive but not at all what i was actually aiming to do.

      one of them is dumb shifter porn though so i’m definitely gonna sell that once i finish it :V

  • i worked a bunch on HELL GAME! a bunch of misc. stuff like stats, stats layout, tying the stats to the “combat” system (kind of), fixing up the event code, hooking up a (really bad) map generator, making shops & alchemy work, etc, etc, but the bulk of the work was on making the description generator work better, which… like, i broke the problem into two major parts (extract structure/interestingness from this node tree; take interestingness and turn that into prose) and like… they’re both completely tractable but it all still needs a lot of work, and also, i need to get like a textbook on computational linguistics so i can make my sentence construction better/less madlibby. we’ll see how that goes. BUT BTW: IF YOU KNOW OF A GOOD FREE ONLINE RESOURCE FOR COMPUTATIONAL LINGUISTICS OR FORMAL GRAMMARS: PLZ LINK. PLZ. WIKIPEDIA IS REALLY BAD ON THE SUBJECT.

    anyway i keep working on code stuff because the alternative is facing that mostly now i need to write pages and pages of actual content. sex scenes! dialog! etc. in terms of actual content the game is extremely barebones. probably another thing to do is work more on the map generation but with a specific goal this time. lots of stuff to do

    plus i had the realization that while i had written up the “weird fetish shit this game contains” list by looking at the npc/encounter list, in practice uh slap a few [MORE] [SIZE] [MORE] [SIZE] nodes on yr dick and the game is just all big dicks all the time so that’s a slightly more prosaic set of fetish shit.

  • i read “the moon is a harsh mistress”. i will say: it was better than “stranger in a strange land”. but maybe heinlein should stop writing with his dick.

anyway i am nottt superrrrr sureeeeeee what to do with tumblr. on the one hand: i don’t really like social media, generally; i don’t like the tumblr-enforced interaction dynamics (reblogging, emptyreblogging, etc), specifically. on the other hand: i like attention. so it’s an intractable problem!!

probably i will just start voidblogging. maybe if you want to actually exchange information w/ me you will have to do it directly!

or as i just said on twitter:

i can’t believe i’m watching the clock waiting for midnight so i can post on tumblr. i am the worst w/ demarcated time

maybe i’ll set up a dice roll and 1/30th of the time it’ll say “today is the day to post what you’ve done so far to the internet” so i can’t let it build up into a weird ball of anxiety/eagerness like i always do.

much of my life is figuring out how to mechanize the parts of my brain that sabotage the useful parts.

Did Someone Say Ship?

Hey guys, so my friends and I are at the beach and my birthday is in a few days and we got our ROWYSO tickets today so to celebrate we wanted to do this for y’all! <3

What to do:

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  • A Ship. 
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  • A Compliment!
  • A song we think you would like.