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Faking It - 1x05 - Karma trying to soothe Amy (and sometimes failing)


More Of Richard Armitage on Bilbo and Thorin’s relationship [x]

On Shizume, Mazume and general fandom madness

I noticed lately there’s been an influx of anti Shishio/anti Shizume posts in the tag. I was online yesterday when the raws came out and after only one ( O N E ) hour the tag was already filled with Shishio hate (it doesn’t matter how nicely you try to state your opinions, it’s still hate the moment you express disbelief about the fact people actually like Shishio - also known as the biggest asshole in the face of the planet to some of you). And I fail to understand why, because ch 63 was mostly a Mazume chapter! Sure, ch 62 featured Shishio as well, but the focus is definitely on Mazume recently. Yet I don’t really see people talking about Mazume and enjoying the developments between them? I only see people discussing how unhealthy Shizume is, or the fact Shishio is bad in every conceivable way.

Now, some of these posts have actually been a great read! It’s always nice to hear different perspectives on things you love, even when you can’t really agree with what’s being said. Still, I can’t help but feel like some of these posts ended up being offensive to Shizume shippers in general, because you’re assuming we all

  • don’t realize the problematic aspects of Suzume and Shishio’s relationship
  • don’t care about Suzume
  • don’t like Mamura at all

And nothing could be farther from the truth.

That being said, I’m going to address the major complaints I’ve seen in the tag recently. This got a bit long, so under the cut!

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on character hate (sort of)

Sometimes all I really want is to cry over the people I love and loathe the people who murdered them.

Warning: this is meta-meta, or discussion about the fandom itself. This sort of thing is generally far more toxic than the dynamics it criticizes, which is why I have a strict rule to only make posts of this type once a year. If you want to avoid controversy I recommend not reading this.

The first section engages in criticism of the Valar as a case study of a larger issue. If you dislike reading criticism of the Valar, you can skip to the first section break.

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Pro tip, since it’s come to my attention the post could’ve showed up on the mobile app’s search:

If something is tagged with “[character] positive,” maybe you should refrain from reblogging it and proceeding to tag your disagreement with “[character] critical.”

Just a thought since, you know, the “[character] positive” tags exist for this very reason.