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I know that a lot of people who have watched the latest episode are upset/angry at Theon, that he didn’t help Sansa (and I love Sansa the most you all know that!) - but I just want you all to remember that he’s been abused and tortured both physically and emotionally by Ramsay for a long time now, and even though I’m sure he doesn’t want to see Sansa suffer, he doesn’t have the courage to actually do something because he’s afraid of him. He’s completely broken. I think Sansa calling him Theon and trying to reach him will kick in, just give it some time. 

This situation is the worse. But Theon is not to blame, Ramsay is.


Hey so in this post i said i needed money for a tablet pen and some other stuff, and so I’m opening traditional commissions!

What I’ll do:

Fanart (im ok with pretty much any fandom but my main fandoms are here)

Ocs, gemsonas, fantrolls, etc.


Ships (extra people price negotiable)

What I won’t/can’t do

NSFW (ask first!)

Really detailed mecha stuff

Animals or furries (ears and and tails fine)

Detailed backgrounds

Examples of my work can be found here and in my art tag

You can contact me at ncalhoun1998@gmail.com where we can discuss details and payment.

If you can’t buy, please do me a favour and reblog this post!

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u ppl would not need "experts" if u had enough gumption yourselves 2 read up on things u claim 2 b interested in and had enough brain power 2 put it together and then form an opinion 4 yourself. it is not "discussion" otherwise. seriously tho the females in the tag will b much better off when they realize depressed dead teenage boys dicks are NOT awaiting them beyond the grave. i feel so sorry 4 all of them.

whoah dude why all the hate. chill out. have a juicebox.

its clear to me that you’re not familiar with this community at all, and thats kind of a shame tbh. i feel more sorry for you to have such a mistaken opinion. a vast majority of the people on this tag have read up extensively on the subject and really know their shit. however, there are people on the tag who have been reading up for longer, or who have found a particular part of the case that they’re even more interested by and have therefore read up even more on and spent more time thinking about, meaning that they have perspectives that others might not have. nobody in the community is at the same level of research and we can all learn from one another. there’s no shame in admitting that someone might know more about a subject than you, and pointing people who want to know more about that particular part in said person’s direction. that creates discussion. how can you have an adequate discussion if you’re just throwing facts at one another that anyone with “gumption” could google for themselves? i love hearing other people’s opinions, theories, insights. its why im here. if i didnt want that, i could just research it on my own and not be in an active community.

as for the whole “claim to be interested” part, i know for myself at least, a quick look through my blog would prove i know my shit. ive been researching columbine for 6 years - of course im gonna give credit to those who come up with theories ive never seen or considered myself before. thats incredible to find for 6 years of research on an event that happened 16 years ago. people who can still make me think and reconsider the facts now have my utmost respect and i can only hope i can do that for others.

finally, it aint their fault that you’re pissed off because two dead school shooters get more attention than you lol maybe try not being a dry boring sack of shit attacking people for their interests and you might have more luck

like obviously this is an important conversation to have and definitely people need to agree to respect other wck-in’s boundaries but this isnt, really what the wck-in tag is for and i’m all for having this discussion juuust not in the tag

Okay, when and how are we gonna talk about the Benefactor? Obviously not everyone is up to that point, but there will ALWAYS be people not up to it. We need to find a way those of us who know can openly discuss it without spoiling it for those who don’t, which is… tricky. Tags can be blocked and read mores can be utilised, but neither is reliable on mobile (nor on desktop, let’s be honest).
This is the same as the whole Pandora situation… I had Pandora spoiled for me and the only reason people playing that arc now aren’t seeing as many spoilers is because that’s old news. If we post about the Benefactor, odds are everyone will see.
So… What do we do?

No joke, I’m not even in the Naruto tags anymore (Including my ship tags) and I’m fucking terrified of what I’m gonna discover after Kishimoto finishes off the spin off / sequel. 

Because there’s gonna be blood everywhere and I’m gonna have to read the entire spin off / sequel in order to get all my facts straight so I don’t lose my fucking mind. 

But as a word of encouragement to everyone suffering right now: 

It’ll all be over soon. Pain is a natural part of the fandom life style. If you need to take a break, take a break. Get the fuck outta dodge and put yourself through rehab by enjoying another series. Hell, get out of the Naruto tags in general until everything is over and you actually have all the facts to work with for intelligent discussions like adults. 

I send my condolences and my well wishes to you people suffering right now. 

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I'm gonna answer this in asks because i don't want to flood my dash with long discussions :D Ofc that there's people in the 18th century who would believe in the divine right of kings and still be into humanities and science but Hewlett, I feel, is definitely being portrayed in s2 as a man of letters - he's into science, books, art, he corresponds with famous scientists (republic of letters reference) it does sound all very textbook enlightenment tbh (Cont)

cont: I think that mostly the reason they changed the character and gave it a larger importance and more detailed background was because Hewlett seems to be one of the most well loved characters in the series (By the fans) and as the author said he IS one of the most compelling characters - so I feel they just realised that they had a quite unexplored mine gold with Hewlett. And Hewlett does work on so many levels… (cont)

cont: Hewlett’s feelings for Anna could’ve been so tacky and badly portrayed but because he is such an interesting character it’s become the most compelling near romantic relationship in the series. (Together with Andre and Peggy I suppose). So I feel that’s why they had to change Hewlett’s personality a bit - and to give it a background, no matter how confusing it might seem to the eyes of an historian.

Keep reading

Please listen up.

I’m in a bad place and i need a lot of things tagged. This is a list on my blog of my usual things needing tagging, please tag those, but also:

I can’t deal with things talking about consent. i know they are good, but i can’t think about sexual assault or harassment i will panic. Tag those with “sexual assault implied”  or “consent”

I need a safe place to not think about this stuff. Please. Tag. Everything. If you follow me, i probably follow you.

Please help me stay safe. i’m sorry about this.

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Hey I've started re-reading "Lolita" so I went into Humbert Humbert tag (why are so many people so gross??????) and I found your blog!! I just really love Dolores so very much!! My poor baby, like even before Humbert's abuse her own MOTHER was very emotionally abusive and just really nasty to her :/// everything about Dolly breaks my heart :( like, the fact that she married a deaf man: no one will hear her story :'(

Well, Dick isn’t 100% deaf - they can clearly communicate. Dolly CHOOSES not to share her past with him and that is VERY important to me. She chooses to leave her past behind and take on a new persona (Dolly is a different person than Dolores, certainly different from ‘Lolita’). Dolly chooses to marry Dick and have a baby and live the way she does. She COULD tell Dick her story if she wanted to - but she chooses to make up an entirely different history (one of intrigue and romance) because she wants to be a different person. 

The idea is that even though SHE wants her story to be a secret, Humbert ignores that (because he literally knows NOTHING about her, he doesn’t understand her at all) and publishes this history of theirs under “false names”. Nabokov, in my opinion, wanted readers to question the morality of stories and the trusthworthiness of narrators. Because he was a clever little shit. :)

The Lolita tags (ALL of them, I’ve checked and continue to check weekly) are mostly DISGUSTING and prove that the world is as awful as Nabokov predicted. SO I think we (book lovers, people who don’t fetishize Lolita) should start a separate tag just for discussion and sharing and talking - what should we call it??? :D

♥ thank you so much for this ask, it really means a lot to me when other people actually READ the damn book and GET that it’s not at all romantic ♥♥♥

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Hi there, I'm non-binary but due to a bad experience on Tumblr I am now triggered by other genders. Is there any way to overcome the anxiety attacks I get whenever I see or hear people discuss non-binary and cis people? Also can you put trigger warnings on your posts because I know that there are people triggered by certain mom-binary genders. Thanks!😊

i mean I’m going to need to know like what exactly to tag because “tw” isn’t going to help anyone.

Maybe try only surrounding yourself with positive discussions?

-Mod Virgil

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Can you please stop tagging your stuff? It's clogging up the tags and no one wants to see it

Dear anon,

You’re going to send this message again. Off anon this time. 

Then, we’ll discuss the matter opposing us like civilized human beings. You’ll tell me what I did wrong - especially when you consider the fact that my fictions are tagged as fiction and I created the tales from arkham tag SO people could eventually block it if needed - and we’ll try to find a solution.

No, wait, better.

You’re going to get lost in the woods. 

Now that sounds like a plan.

Many kisses from France,


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if that anon is seeing discussions like those they're clearly following the wrong people who needs that kind of negativity in life

true that bc i never see anything like that on my dash or TL on twitter. i only ever hear about any negative crap if people tell me about it 

maybe its in the tags though? either way, thats also one of the worst places to be 

grim-perdition replied to your post: “People’s arguments against marriage being a thing in FE14: You’re…”:

Hell fe8 had twincest in japan

People like to say the incest cycle wasn’t broken until FE9, but that is quite untrue seeing as Geoffrey and Elincia were raised as siblings basically with Lucia (forgot how young they were when that started though), and Geoffrey is Elincia’s only marriage ending in FE10. Sothe thought of Micaiah like an older sister if I remember right (or was it more motherly, considering his age when they met?), and they can also marry. Not blood incest, but FE4 has Altenna/Arion in much the same way. There was never really a halt in the incestuous relationships. Adoptive or not, they were always still there. It didn’t stop after eight, and it didn’t go away for 13.

Tbh if there was a marriage system in FE14, that could be kind of interesting since now you’ve got enemies being adoptive siblings AND in-law siblings, and I mean, imagine trying to get your sibling back to your side but they’ve married your enemy and you don’t want to hurt your sibling’s feelings. They’re your enemy, but now your in-law. It’d be a nice addition to the plot, but at the same time, marriage is not a key aspect to this plot so it doesn’t need to be there.

And that, friends, is why we use fanfiction and roleplaying.

Please send in ship/relationship names if you have any, just so I can create a tag list which I am doing. If it’s like a group of three people (of friends) just let me know what you call them e.g. “The Three Musketeers”, or something like that. For ship names, something like ‘carebby’ or ‘doroline’, just do what most of the…. weird fanfiction writers do and combine . Just Iris message the other campers to discuss this so we are sure other campers that are included are okay with it first.I’m still figuring out the list, meanwhile my associates are more compatible with this weird device called a computer. I might need Hermes to give me a lesson to learn more whilst I continue writing up this list.

- Morpheus

Krishna Speaks: Shiva Acts

I don’t think the system is broken and I don’t think it needs to be fixed.

I think it needs to be torn down and done away with because it’s fucked up on purpose.

There’s nothing broken about systematic racism, that’s something that’s built.
There nothing broken about patriarchy, that’s the way people may have wanted it to be. They did that shit on purpose.

Whether they knew how bad it would get is a different discussion but as far as I’m concerned white man (as a classification of people *dangerous to generalize I know but I’m not even wrong*) have rarely had to deal with the results of the many social constructs they have been responsible for.


That means life as we know it and the comforts we want to hold onto so dearly must be something we are willing get to loose in order to make the right kind of progress.
“You can’t legislate evil away, evil is just that” - a tumblr user commented this once on a post that I saw and I don’t know if they were quoting someone else but the words are true.


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hey guess what ok first of all i'm making a pearl/rose mix and im going to make it really sad so GET READY and second of all i keep seeing your pearl/rose art on peoples blogs when i go through their su tag and im always like YEAHHHHHHHHHH I KNOW THEM so i thought you should know that

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy shit………that’s so exciting omg. ….I’m so excited. ..Also j esu s Rowan we r such gay nerds i want to hear ur pearl rise mix and i made one to listen to whole i worked on that comic and we need to discuss & trade oh…..ily :’)

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Okay as someone who likes this blog but isn't a big fan of Darren can I just say that no Chris stan besides the person who made that awful manip condones that sort of behaviour so "chris stans are the ones in the lol darren tag, the same ones making manips where darren commits suicide or is killed by someone." from that last anon is literally the most inaccurate statement considering there was ONE manip that was made a year ago

Yeah tbh I can’t even discuss this much because when I see anything bordering on hate towards either of them I just block immediately so I know there’s probably a lot of stuff on both sides I’m not even aware of, plus most of the blogs I follow are true fans or both (or if not, they don’t post anything negative about the other at all) and I don’t go into the chris and darren tags anymore. What I do know for sure is there’s hate and bullshit coming from both sides and people need to acknowledge that but also acknowledge that a few people don’t ever represent a whole fandom.

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Same Anon: The reason I ask is because I see Emma and Regina as more of a friendship/broOTP. I have seen post where people assume you're homophobic for shipping a straight ship. I wouldn't want anyone to think I am (I'm not) just because I don't ship Emma and Regina romantically. :(

My advise would be that people who ship SQ love talking about the friendship.  If you want to talk about that just don’t stress that all you think of them is friends.  Just talk about the friendship.  And if it’s a post about their friendship you don’t need to announce what ship you do ship romantically because that’s not relevant to the friendship discussion.

I know a lot of people don’t intend it that way but often posts where the person feels the need to clarify their position does feel like they’re saying “no homo”.  And yes, I read it that way often as a gay person.  

Alternately you can post in the swan queen broTP tag.

I’ve been contemplating this I’m encouraging posting about the book in general but wondered if people wanted a space to talk about it in more detail on a more personal level rather than shouting to the void?

I think we need a tag on here to make it easy to reply to each other and if anyone wants I was debating offering Skype to make that a second platform for discussion? I want everyone to be able to share if they want and I know posting on here can be intimidating and some people like the give and take of instant chat?

This is up to all you guys and what everyone wants to do, I’m happy to throw things together!