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aloha oe - louis

James was having the hardest time letting go of Louis’ shoulder. His fingers had long ago gone numb from the grip, and he was pretty sure there would be bruises there when he let go. But he couldn’t bring himself to do it. 

He hated saying good-bye. Hated watching his family go all over the globe, most to never be seen in person again for a long while. He and Louis had never been close, but he was family…and James hated losing family.

"You come back." James said, releasing Louis’ shoulder. and looking out at the distance. "You come back."

He wouldn’t say goodbye. Because goodbye would mean forever, and James wasn’t about to forever say good by to family.

✖ Meme:  { Based on my take on ripper!Stef }

⋆ ϟ: Four turn ons regarding your muse

  • Playing with his food. Inflicting fear in planning meticulous hunt of prey
  • The forbidden: People he can’t have & things that present off-limits
  • Deranged mind games w/ not so significant others {cough klefan rps w/ Mel}
  • The rush of playing with fire ( he’s kind of a masochist when he’s all rippered out and unable to feel, so feeling that danger of doing the unthinkable runs through him like an electric surge sjnfskn )


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☆ - Appearence headcanon

Though she’s not particularly self-confident about her appearance, she’s not self-conscious either. There is one thing she’s always loved about her body though, and it’s her legs. They’re lean from many years of running after her brothers, and she knows what to wear to make them look long despite her short frame. 

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♡ - Sex headcanon

Her parents, the devoted Catholics, had taught her that sex was something you waited for until your wedding night. For the longest time she had loved the romanticism of one’s husband being her first and only. However, she’s stopped looking at the world though rose coloured glasses, and she’s not sure she cares to wait for marriage anymore.

✖ Meme:  { Based on our Defan: Books/AU Canon verse }

⋆ ✎: Two confessions from my muse to yours.

  • Believe it or not, I’ve always looked up to, and envied you.  When we first turned, without you at my side — I struggled to become my own person.
  • I fear I infinitely value your life and well-being over my own.    

~ bonus fantasies for Amber ~  xP


Día 3: El personaje al que tienes más cariño.

Nombre: Celeste Estela Voissier LaFontaine.

Fandom: Harry Potter.

Foro: Hogwarts Conxurox, Hogwarts 999 (?, Hogwarts New Age, Hogwarts Topic, Hogwarts Topic II, Hogwarts New Revolution, Hogwarts New Revolution IPB, Live your life,  Sundown, Sundown IPB. 

Información: Es el personaje al que más cariño le tengo, aunque Kaley le pisa los talones. Es el pj que SIEMPRE me a acompañado a todos los foros, hasta las veces que me he alejado he vuelto por ver sus gráficos. 

Lovely Bomb

Day 1A photo of your life and a description of how your day was.

Fiquei mais 10 minutos na cama e não me atrasei pra perua! Tive aula de história e vimos o vídeo do Mamilo, que ficaram fazendo tanta piada que perdeu a graça. Minha amiga comprou um livro do Glee e eu fiquei morrendo de inveja. Depois de recreio e algumas aulas fui ver o jogo do meu namorado que pediu pra eu esperar ele se trocar e demorou meia hora, resultado: não pudemos entrar na sala, então fomos pedir autorização. A mulher era legal e deu autorização pra nós e pra mais uns meninos, entramos e tivemos aula de matemática.Voltei pra casa, vi um pouco de Arena Sportv e dormi até as 18h10, meu namorado ligou, desligamos e vim pra ca. Meu dia não é nada demais haha.

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★ - Education headcanon

Mary has never been an exceptional student. Her grades are decent (mainly in the E’s with the occasional O’s ) but for the amount of time she spends studying they should be better. She knows the prejudices against her blood status will be held against her even moreso outside the walls of Hogwarts, so she refuses to let her grades be something that any potential future employer will look down on her for.