So I was watching Selfie and I was like  oh cool Karen Gillan from Doctor Who is in this and then I got to episode 4 when they were freaking out over the kid and then I was like wait that’s a Dalek on his bed thing? And then I paused it AND IT FREAKING WAS AND I FEEL LIKE A GENIUS AND THAT PEOPLE ARE SNEAKY CODOODLES

It’s Better With Two

Ten x Rose

Human AU (original prompt: fighting over a taxi. It sort of turns into a coat closet fic though)


notes: an expansion of this post (which I included). It demanded more than the three sentence limit allowed.

        It was clear that she was there first; he was sitting on her purse after all and didn’t “scooch it under” him as he suggested.  The oblivious cabbie asked generically where he was going, and they paused their heated discussion to holler their destination back at him in the hopes that whoever said it first would win the ride; they turned back to stare at each other as both of their lips had uttered the same address; they smiled at each other awkwardly. “‘suppose I could share,” he suggested with a sly grin which she returned.

        The taxi pulled up in front of the posh hotel.  On the ride over the both apologized for what happened.  They discovered on the way that they both worked for the corporation that was hosting the holiday party, but in completely different departments on other ends of the city.  She found out his name was John, and he found out hers was Rose.  He also found out how much his mouth enjoyed saying that name. Rose.

Before she was able to reach the handle, the door of the taxi opened before her.  It wasn’t until she stepped out that he noticed what she was wearing.  He was too distracted by her mouth in the ride over; the way she her teeth showed more when she said certain words, how she poked the very tip of her tongue out to wet her lips, and the way her teeth gently brushed over her bottom lip as her tongue retreated.  Her bare leg stepped out first through the long slit that went up the side of her dress to her mid thigh.  As she stood up the silky black fabric fell almost to the floor.  The straps were as thick as his finger and fell down across her chest connecting just below the base of her sternum.  The rest of the dress clung to her body gently, outlining the shape of her body in the most flattering way.  His lips gaped open ever so slightly.

        “Shall we?” she asked, offering her arm to him.  He smiled and let out a small awkward laugh, hoping she hadn’t taken notice of his expression.

       ”We shall.”  

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