Juan Caguicla and  Christina Dy


This is our second collaboration. The first part of two separate (but intrinsically linked) series. The dynamic of the imagery in both STEREO I and II are one and the same. Both showcase one’s aesthetic that leans to the grotesque, and the other’s unbridled skill in the medium of drawing.

The goal in this collaboration, unlike our previous one, is to come up with singular work, and/or piece(s), whilst retaining each other’s individual talents and aesthetics equally, which is why we chose to present this work with as much symmetry as we could muster, given certain parameters we’ve established very early on during the conception stage of this series.

Despite us having chosen symmetry and a sort of visual equality for this series, however, we cannot help but feel some sort of unevenness to the work. Maybe it’s because it showcases two different facets and characteristics of two different people, maybe it’s the way the imagery is presented, or maybe both of us just have the need for something slightly off-kilter despite our conscious efforts for symmetry. Whichever the case, WE LIKE IT, and we hope you do too.

_Juan Caguicla and Christina Dy, collaborators, STEREO I, 2009

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Dormant Sediment Reawakened// Freya Flavell at doodoodloo

Not long after the the rainbow volcano eruption, the earth was covered in rainbow sediment filled with the powers of the heart of the volcano. Powers with enough strength to change the entire course of history! A serious potential for a twist of fate! But the sediment lay dormant, waiting to be awakened. Then one day, these girls found a way to wake it up…

These girls had also been laying dormant in my room. But here they are! >