Contour & Shape

Monochrome music video by Denial Of Service explores the glitch visuals using scans taken with a Microsoft Kinect - video embedded below:

all shots (of myself & surroundings) were achieved entirely on the MS Kinect v1.
PC & Z data were captured & manipulated with Brekel, Processing and Meshlab.
sequences were rendered in 3DSMax with Krakatoa & Vray / After Effects with Trapcode Form.
datamoshing & further glitch was mostly accomplished with ruby code & processing.

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Dark Cities: Paris Daniele Cametti Aspri

"When we go into a dark place from a bright one we live a kind of disorientation, our eyes struggle for the first minutes to get used to the dark.
With every passing minute, slowly, thanks to the residual light that filters under a door, or maybe from a street lamp far away, reality begins to take a different shape. The dim light rests on the surrounding structures by drawing a game of achromatic surfaces, painting more or less intense shades of dark gray that almost reach the black. This first trip in the dark urban starts from Paris, the City of Lights. Which better place to start capture the dark side?”

James Clar: Rain Under Lamppost (2014)

A projector is mounted so half of the video image grazes the wall before it hits the floor. The video is controlled through generative software and replicates the action of falling rain, through the cone of light from a lamppost, here replaced by a projector. This work hints at volumetric space and the interstices between virtual worlds and reality, while creating a calm and reflective scene of watching rain pass through the light from a lamppost.