i was tagged by winter-senpai for the 20 (14) beautiful people challenge!! thank u so much aa <3

i tag arogogo mintiel funashi sleeposaurus toastoat freebearhugsandkittens faranya komaydah charapi fairykiid juuzoucore senro its-a-corpse-party and sandyclavvs! i hope you are all ok with being referred to as beautiful hhh

I gave myself half an hour to sketch as many swtor characters as I could. All of these are done without reference and purely from my very limited memory XD. If I got something wrong, I’m sorry. I hope you guys will like it!

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i’m like 99% sure s2 Mianite and Dianite were inspired by Zeus and Hades

cause Zeus is controlling asshole with a beard who rules over storms and Hades is a generally chill but snarky dude who happens to hold dominion over the underworld and gets an undeserved bad rap

Mot = Persephone except not divine

Ianite would be like Hera and Eirene squashed together just based on aspects of godhood but there isn’t any old god/dess that Ianite mirrors in the same way as her brothers