I Feel Sun Through the Ashes in the Sky by defenestratin

THERE I finished it! All my nights of lost sleep, I’ve gone and completed it. Thank you so much to my friends who supported me through my holiday in my attempt to create something to end the year with a blast, and I hope you guys like it too!

Chorar não é pecado, é uma necessidade humana, você chora quando está sobrecarregado, quando aguentou a barra muitas vezes, quando está por um triz, então, não sinta vergonha das suas lágrimas, pois elas são as provas do quanto você suportou, do quanto suportas.
—  Sobre a vida? Não sei muito. 
Is anyone interested in doing a Tumblr book club/ reading challenge?

One of my goals for 2015 is to read more and it seems like a fun experience to share with you guys. It’s also a good way to get to know more people. Anyone interested? 

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from my ramblings yesterday. After the BotfA Thorin is really looking forward to ruling her kingdom and getting married and then maybe babies, though the dream of being first is ruined casually. Bilbo is ok with babies, but she was never fond of having as many as is usual for Hobbits. Dwalin couldn’t care less about who got a baby first and Nori’s just happy to have ruined somebody’s day. (oh, and the title is always ‘King’ no matter who sits on the thrones in Erebor)


"I am the flesh and bone of my own sword…

Steel flows through my body, and fire courses through my blood!

I have created over a thousand blades…

Unknown to death, nor known to life…

Many times, I have withstood enormous pain to create thousands of weapons.

And yet, those hands that have created so much will never hold anything.

So, as I pray now, I call forth Unlimited Blade Works!”