it had been raining for the past three days leading up to the championship game against your rival school. but the rain didn’t bother calum, the soccer team’s captain. in fact, it only pumped him up even more. as the game started, his hair plastered to his forehead from rain and sweat. he’d send you small glances on the sidelines where you stood underneath the protection of an umbrella. you watched as the game progressed on, calum’s white uniform sticking to his abs after he had slid on the ground to get the ball. he tore up the field with only seconds left in the game and they were tied. you jumped up and down in anticipation, watching as your boyfriend skirted around multiple defenders before rocketing the ball into the back of the goal. the crowd around you erupted in cheers and screams. but the first thing your boyfriend did was run to you, knocking the umbrella out of your hands and crashing his lips against yours, running his wet hands through your hair. to him, it didn’t matter if he won the game or not, you were always his winning prize. 

alright but please consider : adhd amethyst
  • adhd amethyst who works on impulse, who speaks and acts before her thoughts can catch up and whose actions get jumbled up in a mess of emotional volatility and scattered thoughts, who hurts others unintentionally with hastily-spoken words and abrupt, heat-of-the-moment actions that leave her miserable and self-loathing, whose words stall out on apologies after her emotions wear her thin and trembling and worked up into a spiral of self-deprecation, convincing herself that she only knows how to break and wreck and ruin, not fix–and cannot escape from that mindset once it has lodged itself into her head

  • adhd amethyst who speaks hungrily in a disconnected way, who struggles to get her points across through her own cluttered headspace, who slurs and stumbles over her words and breaks off in tangents in frustration at herself and stomps away from conversations in anger feeling as if she’s said so much but nothing of importance all at once

  • adhd amethyst whose room is always a scattered, cluttered mess, piled wall-to-wall with useless trinkets, unwashed clothes, dirty dishes, remnants of fleeting hobbies and interests, with chaotic organizational patterns that “have a system”– a system which changes on a regular basis because one singular method never works for long

  • adhd amethyst who grits her teeth and lashes out at criticisms about laziness and selfishness, having no way to convey how her mind veers off in dangerous situations and pressing scenarios in favor of other trains of thought and flights of fancy, how she sets down to do one thing but works herself into a sea of rage and sadness over her own inability to commit to a task and see it all the way through like everyone else seems to do without effort or struggle

  • adhd amethyst who hoards food, hides it away in little nooks and crannies of her room, feeling a bizarre sense of calm and placation sweep over her as unnecessary eating busies her hands and mouth, makes her feel less hungry for words and thoughts that don’t taper off at inopportune moments in ways that leave her speech stuttering and derailing, who feels a hot burst of shame and resentment when pearl veerss back and grimaces when she indulges her habits in front of her, feeling sudden bursts of anger and resentment towards anyone who finds her fixations “undesirable” 

  • adhd amethyst who loses herself in roughhousing, exhausting her tension and nervous energy through dangerous means–who crafts personas and justifications to leap headfirst into fights and brawls and scraps and who finds an outlet in letting her body do the talking when her mind is unable to unjumble itself from its tangled mess of anxieties and doubts, who feels in control when she can win against others in fights with fists, not words or feelings

  • adhd amethyst who feels different when she fuses, thoughts woven in strange, rigid shapes and patterns in the hands of pearl when she forms opal, and who feels the firm but understanding touch of garnet untangle her messy thoughts and impulses into something more focused, more powerful in sugilite, who reels back from unfusing with emotional volatility and uneasy, jerky movements, struggling to regain her sense of self and her usual thought processes as she hungers for the settled sensation that comes over her when there is someone else sharing her headspace with her, when there are different sets of thoughts to focus on and lose herself in aside from her own which she is sick and tired of dealing with day in and day out

  • adhd amethyst who claws at her skin, rakes and yanks at her hair, whittles her nails down to jagged edges without realizing what she’s doing, who bristles at criticisms about her appearance and hygiene and shoves her hands into her pockets or crosses her arms over her chest but soon finds herself repeating her previous actions unwittingly, over and over again

  • adhd amethyst

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I know that this isn’t all that great and I’ve been really nervous about uploading this to Tumblr, but here it is..!

These are 3 stories I have been developing over the past year, the one in the Middle being the oldest and the one on the bottom being the Newest. This picture is kind of a preview for each!

I plan on working on these throughout High School and College, maybe even making them into official comics one day. One day! c:

I worked really hard on this, so some feedback would be appreciated! :D


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