the fact that so many of u have formed friendships over a mutual interest in my fathers’ youtube videos honestly never fails to astound me.
some of u are on opposite ends of the world! literally thousands and thousands of miles apart but bc of this shared interest/support for their videos you’re brought together as this strong, loving and unique community. it’s genuinely the most incredible and heartwarming concept i can fathom.
and u should all feel proud to be a part of something so spectacular.

also for godssake marvel is doing the least it can to pander to asian audiences in asia and it’s embarrassing but lbrh. chinese and south korean audiences dont need to see themselves in an american superhero franchise the same way asian-americans do? asian-americans are so underrepresented in american pop culture and the mcu is a perfect opportunity for that and they are ACTIVELY AVOIDING DOING THAT. doctor strange should be asian-american. danny rand should be asian-american. the entire asian presence in the mcu so far has been Yellow Peril and it makes no goddamn sense there should at least have been one asian-american character in the marvel cinematic universe before now* who is not a cameo by danny pudi because the russos directed community for a bit


I’d sell my soul to hear another recorded track of Natasha singing.


How all conversations in that house eventually end up, I assume.

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