[ENG] 150515 Heart_a_tag ep.04 - BTS Members Revealed Their I-NEED-ITEMS!


anonymous asked:

have you considered making a list of all the tags that you use? i love how creative they are but i feel like i'm missing out on a lot of your blog because i can't go investigate

Awww, thank you for the compliment about my, erm, eclectic use of tags. 

I suppose I should try to make a list of some of the wackier ones I use, but good lord, that will take a lot of time. But off the top of my head:

  • RealHusband
  • conversations with my StuntSherlock
  • kindness is punk rock
  • kindness is goth as fuck
  • Important Truths
  • my tragic LARPing past
  • my tragic hair metal past
  • old goth is old
  • there is no elder goth cabal
  • conversations with the StuntHusband
  • black and midnight hags
  • haute couture hexing accessories
  • vampire witch queen life
  • all vampires need napkins
  • rock star crush objects
  • ridiculous fashion cravings
  • elder goths
  • kitties of chaos
  • clovis devilbunny
  • fairygothmother life
  • talking about fight club
  • it’s my spiritual home
  • auntie jilli’s dubious taste in reading material
  • embrace your cliches
  • embrace them so hard they squeak
  • gothic heroine nightgowns

… I know I’m forgetting a lot. Probably my more rantycakes ones.


  • albino-ottsel said: isn’t there also a tag about the haunted mansion called “HOME!” or something?

Yes! “it’s my spiritual home”. 

EDITED YET AGAIN: I think I’m just going to keep updating this list with tags as I remember or as I’m reminded of them.

anonymous asked:

Do you still use talking about fight club as your mental health tag for asks and such?

YES. “talking about fight club” is the catch-all tag for talking about mental health stuff. As in this sort of stuff needs to be talked about, stop perpetuating stigmas DAMMIT.

And let me tell you, peeps: learning that some of your lifelong coping mechanisms and habits are perhaps not the best things to keep doing is HARD. You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others. 

(Some days I need to be reminded of that. A LOT. Yes, thank you StuntHusband, stop raising your eyebrows at me.)

anonymous asked:

Hello, what do I should do because I am always easily distracted. When I'm reading a book, watching a movie, studying, I get distracted easily and procrastinate. How do you focus on the thing you're doing and be productive?

Here’s my focus tag which is full of techniques and resources for improving your focus (can probably be applied here). There’s also a productivity tag here.