"It’s time for Adam and Eddy to accept…"

No. Stop.

Once Upon a Time is Adam and Eddy’s show, not yours. That don’t have to accept jack shit about their story from a fans point of view, especially if it’s concerning a ship that they’ve never written romantically (*cough cough*). It’s not their fault you’re seeing something that’s not there, and they don’t have to change their vision just because you do.  

So take your entitlement and your silly little idea that you know what’s better, or know the story, characters and relationships in the show better then the people who created them do, and kindly shut the hell up, child. It will do everyone reading your moronic nonsense some good. 


So this is what jaredbottoms said

So basically my brother bought me a Jensen Misha photo OP (because he is a douchebag lol) and I think he thought I would sell it or something but I decided to make the best of it so Rose and I came up with the idea of the signs (that was before Jensen made that lonely Jensen tweet lol) and so during the OP I walked up to them and asked them to hold up the signs and look sad. The moment Jensen saw the sign, he laughed and then looked at me and said “You know what, I do miss Jared.” And he had the cutest smile on his face and it was just so fucking cute and dumb and soooo fucking sweet uwu He loves Jared so much and his face in that pic is so adorable aahhhhhh [x]

It’s tacky or “in bad taste” for a couple different reasons. The person that orchestrated this picture is anti-Misha Collins, anti-Destiel, anti-cCckles etc etc and is an avid J2 shipper. They went into an event with Misha and Jensen, gave Jensen a sign that made it sound like he wished he was Jared instead of Misha. It’s a passive aggressive assertion to Misha who is well aware of both the hate directed towards him and the statement being made by her sign in combination with his. 

I mean if you think about the signs, what are they really saying. I’m with Misha but God do I miss Jared, Jared is my true bestie but I guess I’ll tolerate standing next to Misha. I miss Meg (since they already stated their anti-cockles views they gotta get in a jab at their anti-destiel views as well) so they make sure that the statement is also, Cas misses Meg and wants her back to they can be together not be with Dean.

One devalues and diminishes Jensen’s relationship with Misha based on the writer of the sign’s opinions and the other devalues and diminishes Cas’ relationship with Dean based on the writer of the sign’s opinions AND it gives validity to their statements by having the actors themselves hold them up during a time in essence devoted to Misha, Cockles and Destiel fans (platonic or romantic interpretations). Especially given that this is the first cockles photo op in the US, to say “You don’t matter, this is not your place, this is not your house and if you want to have a Jensen and Misha photo op then we’re going to buy up the tickets and make it about J2 and make Misha feel shitty and unwanted all at once.” 

For a long long time I think J2 and wincest fans have owned the con life. I think that’s always been how it is and it seems to be the culture of those cons in general, though the tides seem to have shifted a little in past years, upsetting the status quo. The closer Misha gets to the important level of the boys the more hostile these no so subtle jabs are becoming. First it’s a “let’s hate Misha day” then they try to get him fired, hate campaigns, excluding him from cast gifts and during this con I heard there was an attempt to band the cockles photo ops by the same people that left him out of the 200th episode gifts but that’s a rabbits hole of bullshit all it’s own.

 THE POINT IS, it was in bad taste. It was their right. They paid the money. Jensen and Misha agreed, it was harmless and there was no real reason to say no, again the person is paying good money. THE POINT is that it was not within the spirit of what is trying to be done with those photos. That girl doesn’t like Misha. I don’t give two shits about her story about her brother buying it whether that’s bs or not how could you possibly tell and it doesn’t matter. She showed up. People out there in the world, in that con dying for a minute up close and personal with Misha Collins and she took up that time making sure he knew that he was less important to Jensen than Jared and making sure us at home can see “Cas” saying he’d rather be with Meg while the actor that plays Dean stands next to him. I don’t know what else to call that other than fucking tacky. 

And to illustrate the point even clearer, what would happen if we did that. If a destiel bought a J2 photo op and instead of taking a fun picture decided “I’m gonna make sure Jared knows Jensen likes Misha better” and Jensen holds I sign saying “I miss Misha” and Jared holds a sign saying “I miss Amelia” so everyone knows Sam would rather be with Amelia than have gone back to Dean. Needless to say there would be a furious rage. Trying to turn everything into cockles, trying to push Sam out of the show so it could be all about Destiel, trying to make Jared feel unimportant when he’s just trying to have a good time with his buddy and take some pictures without being told that his friend would rather be with someone else. 

It’s fucking tacky and gross and in poor spirit. It’s rude. And childish. And manipulative. And gross and honestly I didn’t really want to write all this cause what I’ve said above is negative, it’s nasty but you know what it’s fucking important that people understand that this is not okay. Strip down all the semantics and details you can’t prove on either side and there was malicious intend in the heart of that picture. In a happy, joyous fan and experience they rot nastiness and in a place which is usually a special care-free time of expressing love and frivolity turned into another cold reminder that there are always people out there with the intent to put you down. And she should be ashamed that she let her hatred of something make other people feel bad, to leave a bad taste in their mouth from her bile. That even an iota of her distain for Misha or Cockles or Destiel should leak into the hearts of someone who loves all those things because that is not why we take pictures with them. That is not why we have cons and that is not why we come together in celebration of a show. And you should be ashamed that you saw the opportunity to do wrong and you took it. 

That is why it’s tacky. 


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prompt: gail and holly have been in a secret relationship for a while and gail's parents think they're just best friends and they have to go to a weekend peck family thing and sneak around but by the end of the weekend elaine catches them either being hot and heavy together or being sickeningly cute and couply together (or both)

cute. (M-rated for sure)

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I would make such a cool potato. 

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You have such a delightful imagination. You always spin something colorful out of the prompts you choose, even if the prompt itself seems totally uninteresting to me. I will always read what you write. :3 Now, I need more wrong dorm AU in my life. A continuation please?

Thank you :) I try very hard to give you guys stuff that is fun to read. I’m glad you are enjoying them. (Part One)

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