Maximoff Twins : Figure Skating AU
Wanda’s partner for the World Cup left and she needs to find a new partner to skate with. Pietro, her hockey prodigy brother, decides to step up his game to help his sister. 

You know who would make a great figure skating coach? Clint.

94lounge blackcoffeex Dears!! Need help translating this article if it’s ok. BigHit I think is being accused of sajaegi because BTS album sales beats bigbang’s >_<

They just don’t know how much international fans BTS has. Now the groups on twitter are asking help to provide receipts of bulk album purchases because this might hurt the boy’s win if ever. I think fan says BigHit doesn’t have the power to manipulate anything. Which is true. If BigHit HAS THE POWER WE WOULD HAVE WON A LONG TIME AGO ISTG. THIS COMEBACK IS SO MUCH ANXIETY AND FRUSTRATIONS OMMGGGGG. WE WANT OUR BOYS TO WIN!!! >_<