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15 Things That Make Me Happy

I’ve done this before but I thought I’d still do it. I was tagged by two of my favourite people here - thegirlofnovels and negative-pessimist.

  1. My family
  2. Books
  3. YOU! Yes, you. *points*
  4. People reading books I love/recommended to them (bonus happiness if they actually like them)
  5. Disney/Pixar
  6. My dog Max
  7. Markus Zusak
  8. My mini library
  9. Getting lovely messages from lovely people
  10. The epicness of Christopher Nolan’s movies (and Hans Zimmer’s scores)
  11. Zachary Levi
  12. Making someone’s day
  13. negative-pessimist's drawings
  14. Dusty old history books
  15. Chocolate

I’ll tag the first few people on my dash - sorry if you’ve already been tagged or you don’t want to do it! manikinfear mychemicalbooks latte-books escapingfromreality-bookworm shirewalker paper-bouquet stefito0o books-are-my-everything the-girl-who-reads-a-lot and thebookishowl

15 Things That Makes Me Happy

I was tagged by the gorgeous thegirlofnovels (edit: and readaroundtherosie) to do this, and I am doing it again even though I already did it some time ago because hello, it’s from Kristy.

I tag: thebooker, tilly-and-her-books, darkestwings, whimsey225, magic-in-every-book, smaugthebookhoarder, amberthebooklion, alex-loves-books, chibi-reads, introvertedbookworm24, readingdidyoumeanbreathing, rainydayscoffeeandbooks, what-lovely-books, ananasbooks, books-glorious-books, tea-books-lover, manikinfear, mariethelibrarian, @peace-love-and-whatever, duckduckbooks and you reading this. I don’t care if you’ve already done it, take some time out of your day and think about the things that make you feel happy! 

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