1.-¿Cómo conociste tumblr?

Lo conocí gracias a rubelangel-foh-evah y su hermosa novela Luchemos Por Esto, que me hace sufrir y gritar como fangirl. 

2.-¿Desde hace cuanto lo usas? 

Un año, creo, no me acuerdo bien. Es que hubo un tiempo (meses) en los que dejé el fandom, y volví, por eso no me acuerdo.

3.-¿Eres de cambiar el theme muy seguido? 

youtubeslaputaclave ella les puede dar la respuesta (?) ahre, que sí, no soy de tener un theme por mucho tiempo, me gusta la variedáh.

4.-¿Qué es lo que más te gusta? 

Libertad de expresión. Tu dices algo, o como te sientes, y la gente en vez de preguntarte y preguntarte como estás, te apoyan. Eso se valora mucho más de lo que se piensa. Otra cosa es que hay gente igual de loca que yo, shippeamos las mismas cosas, reímos, tonteamos. En fin, la mayoría de la gente que he conocido es muy bonita. ♥

5.-¿Qué piensas de esta red social? 

A D I C T I V A (?) y muy entretenida :D aguante la porno y sucio 2, no tenía nada que ver.

6.-A todos nos paso de estar tranquilamente bajando el dash hasta que derrepente ¡PUM! aparece el porno, ¿cual fue tu primera reacción?

7.-¿Cada cuanto entras? 

Todos los días, DAAAAAAMN

8.-¿Alguna vez llegaste al post limit? 

Nope e_e

9.-¿Tipo de blog? 

Em, Youtubers, cosas gays, asdfgh de todo un poco D:

10.-¿Blogs que entres frecuentemente?

No soy mucho de blogs, la verdad. Siempre entro a los hashtags (?) D: pero bue, en cuanto a blogs, siempre que alguien majo me habla, entro a su blog y lo psicopateo un poco todos le dejan de hablar.


Me nominó nahomi-777 muchas gracias preciosura♥

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I was tagged by the amazing forelocks-and-football ​! I love you! Your tags are my fave (: These songs are some of my favorites <3
1: A song you like with a color in the title: "Yellow Flicker Beat"-Lorde

2: A song you like with a number in the title: "7/11"-Beyonce or "Birds Pt. 1" - The Weeknd.

3: A song that reminds you of summertime: "Summertime Sadness"-Lana del Rey

4: A song that reminds you of someone you would rather forget about: If I had an ex-lover or had a falling out or whatever it’d be anything by Adele lol but "Rumor Has It" bc the ending.

5: A song that needs to be played LOUD: "Tongue Tied"- Grouplove

6: A song that makes you want to dance: "Bailando"-Enrique Iglesias.

7: A song to drive to: “I’m Not the Only One”-Sam Smith

8: A song about drugs or alcohol: "Happy Little Pill"- Troye Sivan

9: A song that makes you happy: "Girl Almighty"- One Direction

10: A song that makes you sad: "Sad Beautiful Tragic"-Taylor Swift or "Small Bump"- Ed Sheeran

11: A song that you never get tired of: "Earned it"- The Weeknd or anything by my mother, queen, and savior Beyoncé (XO, Partition!)

12: A song from your preteen years: "Cry Me a River"- JT

13: One of your favorite 80’s song: "Need You Tonight"- INXS

14: A song that you would love played at your wedding: hands down “Thinking Out Loud”- Ed Sheeran, “Never Let Me Go”- Florence & The Machine, and “Love Don’t Die”- The Fray.

15: A song that is a cover by another artist: "Teenage Dirtbag" -1D

16: One of your favorite classical songs: Beethoven’s 5th Symphony (intense af)

17: A song that would sing a duet with on karaoke: "Start of Something New" with Zac Efron, longtime crush.

18: A song from the year that you were born: "Tearing Up My Heart"- NSYNC YES.

19: A song that makes you think about life: Antichrist”-The 1975

20: A song that has many meanings to you: "Take Me To Church"- Hozier.

21: A favorite song with a person’s name in the title: "Jenny"- Walk the Moon.

22: A song that moves you forward: "Flawless"- Beyoncé (self appreciation yay)

23: A song that you think everybody should listen to: “Imagine”- John Lenon.

24: A song by a band you wish were still together: "Lovebug- Jonas Brothers.

25: A song by an artist no longer living: "Valerie"- Amy Winehouse

26: A song that makes you want to fall in love: “I wanna Be Yours”- Arctic Monkeys

27: A song that breaks your heart: "Wait"- M83 (TFIOS).

28: A song by an artist with a voice that you love: ZELLA DAY “Compass, 1965, or East of Eden”.

29: A song that you remember from your childhood: Zoey 101 theme song.

30: A song that reminds you of yourself: "House of Gold"- 21 Pilots
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Tumblr Accent Tag - I was tagged by angriestamazigh greet-with-salaam and blvcknvy <3

I know I know.. I was tagged like ages ago but I had a sore throat and a cold, and I’m shy and stuff. Enjoy my sexy voice (sarcasm)! And don’t laugh, I’m watching you.

Your name and username. 

Where you’re from. 

Pronounce the following words: Aunt, Roof, Route, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Pajamas, Caught, Naturally, Aluminium, GIF, Tumblr, Crackerjack, Doorknob, Envelope, GPOY. 

What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?

What is a bubbly carbonated drink called?

What’s the bug, that when you touch it, it curls into a ball?

What do you say to address a group of people?

Be a wizard or a vampire?

How old are you?

Is it cold where you are?

What is your favorite color?

What color are your eyes?

Do you have freckles? 

When is your birthday?

What was the last thing you drank?

Would you rather: Have a million dollars or a million friends? Eat a taco or a quesadilla? Be a shark or an elephant? 

What do you call gym shoes? 

What do you call your grandparents? 

What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket? 

What is the thing you change the TV channel with? 

Choose a book and read a passage from it.

 Do you think you have an accent? 

Do you know anyone on Tumblr in real life? 

End audio post by saying any THREE words you want

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