Ei.. Se eu se te falar todas as loucuras que já te escrevi toda madrugada você fica? se eu te contar os segredos que guardo comigo e os sonhos que tenho contigo você fica? Se eu te fazer uma canção com o meu violão e decifra a poesia mais bonita do Caio Fernando A. Você fica comigo? Se eu sair daqui atravessar essa distância não muito longe e bater em sua porta com um filme bom e pipoca você deixa eu entrar? Deixa eu entrar em seu coração? em seus sonhos, seus planos, seu desejo e seus enganos, suas metas, suas histórias e sua vida? Ei.. Se eu te contar que você é o amor da minha vida, você me beija?
—  Essa fonte é vazia, mas cheia de poesia.

I’ve been watching Thunderbirds are Go a lot recently, and after last Sunday’s episode, I started shipping something I never expected in the least - Gordon and Lady Penelope. So sue me, it was really freaking cute. And when I was trying to explain it to my sister, I somehow ended up comparing the whole idea to the Little Mermaid. Which was an idea I just couldn’t leave alone once it showed up. This is just linework (and someone please shoot me next time I decide to clothe a character in a dress covered in eyelet cloth) and the water isn’t drawn in since I’m going to be attempting to do it with just colored pencils, and I’m not entirely happy with the way Gordon’s face came out, but… eh.

Also, he’s totally half-dolphin. Because squids would be weird, and he’s so friendly and silly. (You can’t see his dorsal fin.)

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Alan takes a moment, frowning, to asses his brother. John looks tired and shaky and pale, but his big brother is smiling openly and warmly down at him; for the most part unhurt by the terror of the last hour or so. John very nearly hadn’t been though; he’d almost run out of O2 in open space and had been practically crushed under his own Gravity ring… this EOS program thing had almost…

Even standing on tiptoes, Alan finds he simply isn’t tall enough, so he pushes off the ground hard, using the lack of Gravity as a boost and John’s shoulder as leverage to get himself floating up at the right height. His hands come up; cradling either side of their idiot spaceman’s head and finding John’s hair soft and fine under his gloved fingers. Alan drags a surprised John’s towards him and he presses his lips carefully, firm and dry, against his brothers brow; just like his big brothers would have done for him.

“I’m glad you’re ok.” Alan mumbles into John’s skin, and the youngest Tracy feels the soft jolt as John laughs lowly. After a moment, the astronaut’s hands come up to press on his little brothers shoulders, pushing the kid back down.

“I’m fine, Alan.” He smiles, as he reaches out to wrap his arms a little gingerly around his brother. “I promise.”

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Any chance of drawing Gordon getting congratulated by the others after winning the Olympics??

Somehow my brain translated that as ‘scribbly Tracy family dogpile’ and…

they literally all just jump on him, not caring that he’s soaking wet and getting crushed under the combined weight of four brothers and they’re all screaming and fighting to ruffle his hair and Gordon’s just in his swim trunks with his shiny shiny medal like get off guys oh my god you’re all so embarrassing ahhhhhh u dweebs ur supposed to be cool this is on live tv stop it oh no

Using only song names from 1 artist, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people. Try not to repeat a song title!

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Pick your artist/band: Fall out boy obviously 
What is your gender?: I dont know if i’m supposed to put a title here
Describe yourself: Dance, Dance
How do you feel?: Rat A Tat
Describe where you currently live: Where Did The Party Go
Now If you could go anywhere, where would you go?: Fourth of July
Your favourite form of transportation?: The Phoenix
Your best friend is?: Uma Thurman
You and your best friends are?: Irresistible 
If your life was a TV show, what would the title be?: The Kids Aren’t Alright
What is life to you?: Just One Yesterday
Your relationship?: 20 Dollar Nosebleed
Your fear?: Thriller

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This is literally the moment I fell in love with Ichthys. Right after SCM just came out.


Whyyy is he last??

Also, I’m curious:

What was the moment you fell in love with your bias? Tag 10 people (^__^)

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