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1. Why did I choose this URL?
TFS Attack on Titan

2. What’s your middle name?
I’ll just say that 99% of you will pronounce it wrong

3. If you could own any fictional animal as a pet, what would you own?
Oooo turtleducks are a good one but who doesn’t want a flying bison

4. Favorite Color?

5. Favorite Song?
I have a lot and it changes but as of late Bedrock by Young Money has been stuck in my head and I’m getting 2009 feels it’s kinda gross

6. Top three fandoms?
SNK, TG and any other anime trash i reblog haha

7. Why do you enjoy tumblr?
Well tbh I’ve been starting to like it less and less but probably for all the fandom content and I’ve met some very nice people so it’s nice sharing headcanons and spazzing etc

8. Tag your Tumblr crushes:

I don’t have crushes so I’ll tag some people I’ve reblogged most off of: hanij-zoe, streets-of-ikebukuro, arminthelittledork, lullabylevi and ereminions if you guys want to!

robson3010 asked:

Your brothers so I know you must fight every now and then, so is it possible you could tell us about one or two?

Alan: Any time I ask to fly another Thunderbird I get pretty angry… I’m always treated like a kid!

Scott: I’ve told him countless times he’s not ready yet

Virgil: Sometimes when John comes down for a bit he can get really dopey

John: Gravity messes me up

Gordon: They bicker like an old married couple


Hello! So I was tagged by amazing the-nerdy-girl-next-door in 20 beautiful people challenge so here are my last selfies :) I tag: nope-phan pepehowell cubedlullaby louisepentland londonhowell amazinqphil lovemenolonger ughclifford unf-kellin-quinn dropeverythingandlovedanhowell ilyjoeygraceffa phandom-forever-morgyn skeletonsclique danlsnotonfire fireworkphil phancupcake yummyphancakes troyesivan18 asstheticlester i-m-not-one-of-those-crazy-girls :******


I did the thing, you know, the Scorpion fan thing with those questions created by katasstrophee and arithmadick. That thing.


Hey there, y'all! I was tagged by the fabulous queen ahoyfinn! This is the 20 Beautiful People Tag thingie, haha, but yeah, ily♡~ I TAG; phuck-phancutiepiedanburtonbuttontroylerphandommerryearthlestersunshinelesterdil-howlters-gay-dadsbakedpretzelscantfitmyobsessionsinmyurlamazphilmy-happy-little-lesterwaiting-in-1967oddloopsuicidalghostsoriginphanthesaint-jimmysmallfreyedauntlestercheeseballfreakexistentialdaniel♡ and anyone else who wants to do it! you’re all beautiful peeps♡~


I was tagged by rap-oppa , yoong-d and namjoonin for the selfie tag, thanks a lot ^0^ (Please ignore my face, I was trying to look serious and…yeah..) I don’t really have better pictures and I love editing them too as you may have noticed!! I’m tagging: taehyungie-pls , omnomnamjoon , hobi-cypher , eisanumber , omfgjimin , taehyungtv , jnopewastaken , j-helpless , agent-exotic , vmintrash , vmiin , seokjins-blankie , hoseokjung , silentdictator , a-little-too-obsessed , bobbyannyeong , sugashu , i-want-the-kookie , haengbok-haja and nojamsnamjoon ^^ ~~~~~~~~~~~


I was tagged by tsukuno (not really, but you said for anyone to do it so…), to do the 20 beautiful people tag? I don’t really know what this entails, am I doing it right? Who knows, well some people probably know but... I don’t really have any pictures of myself, anywhere, so I’m reusing one of these pictures and the top two were also from the constant failing at taking pictures that same day. Those three are from a month ago, and that one picture is me with my friends in October. We went to the Sailormoon Symphony in New York, at that point my feet really hurt from walking around all day. I was going to take a picture of myself today, but for whatever reason my face is really red so…  Also, I always wear my hair in braids, so the first picture is the most accurate of how my hair always is. I feel like this has turned into rambling, so I’ll stop here.

Thank you tsukuno, and anyone who wants to do this go ahead. I don’t want anyone to feel obligated to do it. If you do it, go ahead and tag me, I’d be happy to see your beautiful faces :D.