I get scolded a lot by fans because I don’t make albums often enough for BIGBANG, but I do think I kept one promise. In our country, boy groups only last about four to five years for the most part. That’s because of the contract duration. I made a promise to make a long-running team because Seo Taiji and Boys didn’t last very long. This year is BIGBANG’s ninth year. I can’t make a promise, but if it were up to me, I would want to be with BIGBANG for the next nine years as well, no matter what I have to do. They are dongsaengs that I really like, artists that I like, and friends that I want to be with.
—  Yang Hyun Suk on BIGBANG

150426 MADE Tour in Seoul (Day 2) - Let’s Talk About Love fancam


260415 Taeyang- Eyes, Nose, Lips /BIGBANG MADE TOUR

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