.Daemiir Sketches. 

I haven’t done a doodle page in a while, this, isn’t even a doodle page. More like.. A species sketch page. 

Anyway, these guys are called Daemiir. They belong to http://www.furaffinity.net/user/taesolieroy/  and are absolutely wonderful. She had opened up a survey on them to see if they were OK to be brought out and made public. She wanted to know if they would clash with anyone else’s species, as well as making sure they were a GOOD species. I for one think they are adorable <3 and thus sketched them. It was great. 

Alright, line up from left to right, top to bottom.

They have a Bipedal/Anthro form. I’m not the greatest with that though so I did the best I could in the sketch XD I wanted to fill empty space and give myself a hand at it. I also figured that since I have such a hard time with the human face (I’m okay otherwise, it’s normally the face) I should try drawing anthro critters first, then work around with getting to a basic human shape.

I doodled a face. :| And a tongue. They have a prehensile tongue that splits further down from the tip, able to grab a hold of things and carry off with them XD Also they have a slopey face :| Slooooopey.

GAH IT’S CUTE. The species itself is adorable. I mean, seriously. So I doodled that one, ACTING ADORABLE. I like that pose. :| It worked well. Now can someone shoot me for botching the feet

Final one, I started off doodling an eye, wound up sketching the whole face :| Luuurv. 

Art belongs to me, 

Daemiir species belongs to Taeso <3 

She is giving everyone who joined the survey and gave feedback a chance to make our own before they are public so my next few days may be filled with little doodles and works of these guys until I make a design I like!

Also, THEY ARE NOT DRAGONS. She classifies them as Alien-creatures :]

Lurin Azurthyan

For Taeso, hope she doesn’t mind but it’s just an OC inspired of one of her lovely OCs Lurin.
Lurin belongs to Taeso.
Azurthyan is Gift to Taeso.