18. I’ll love you if you make efforts to be friends! Nothing feels better than signing on to someone checking up on me. Even if I’m feeling bad I feel better.

36. What I find attractive in women..omoo…Caring personalities…and intellect. a girl who has a passion for science or art is really attractive.

45. The sexiest person that came to my mind.. hmm. I cant think of anyone. XDD Hyunaa I guess.

kyungkitty-deactivated20130923 asked:

If SOPA did actually go through, then I would want to say that even though I haven't been following you for long (Maybe a week or so), I absolutely love your blog. And from the minimal experience i've had with you so far, i'd say that you seem like a very cool and well rounded person. your blog and yourself made my time on tumblr just that much more enjoyable ^^

Aww <3~ Thank you so much. I’m glad I can make tumblr more enjoyable for you! I know you guys really make it an enjoyable experience for me too. Getting messages like this can brighten my dark days and make my good days even brighter. I’m glad you have such nice things to say!